The range of freestanding baths at JT Spas has always been available at competitive prices – but now, JT Spas offers even more affordable deals on its freestanding bath selection from which their customers can benefit.

JT Spas now offers the Moretti Contemporary Freestanding Bath at a remarkable 50% discount. The 1540mm x 740mm x 700mm Moretti Freestanding Bath is now available at only £749 – a price drop of 50% from its original retail price of £1,499. Another Moretti Contemporary Slipper Style Freestanding Bath, sized 1740mm x 770mm x 735mm, is also available for a mere £799, a big drop in price from the original £1,699.

At JT Spas, the collection of freestanding baths ranges from the classic sweeping curves of claw-foot baths to freestanding baths of angular, more modern geometric shapes. And for those who are searching for the perfect freestanding bath, you will be happy to know that JT Spas has some amazing price deals in store in addition to the aforementioned amazing price deals.

Freestanding baths have always been a popular item, and their history dates back to Victorian times with the traditional, easily-recognisable elegant claw-foot bath. But today, freestanding baths come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit well with the most modern and contemporary bathroom design, and this is one reason why they continue to be a popular choice with homeowners.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this wonderful offer, and JT Spas makes it even more tempting by offering additional, value-added services such as free delivery. JT Spas offers a detailed description of the Moretti freestanding baths on sale as follows:

…’the Moretti bath features a high sided end designed to comfortably mould to the body and a wider end to offer a comfortable bathing position. The Moretti bath tub is made from the finest sheets of 5mm sanitary grade acrylic coated with thermal sheets providing superior insulation’…

Quality is of prime importance to JT Spas. Even though the company’s freestanding baths are of the highest grade and quality, JT Spas is able to offer these baths at an excellent price for consumers, simply because it sources directly from the manufacturers themselves. Additionally, the Moretti freestanding bath is manufactured and built with EN and CE-approved cast acrylic, and the baths are bonded with a resin that is polyester-based, contributing to their strength and solidity.


JT Spas is an established bathroom product supplier in the UK, and its products extend from freestanding baths to toilets and basins, bathroom furniture, and more. Find out more about the discounted freestanding bath range at the JT Spas

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