Amanda The Traveling Realtor, Is Turning Dreams Into Reality For Real-Estate Investors

Amanda Williams is on a global journey of investment insights and international opportunities.

Amanda Williams, known as ‘Amanda The Traveling Realtor,’ is on a mission to bridge the gap between dreams and reality for investors seeking international opportunities. With a passion for global real estate and a commitment to helping others achieve their goals, Amanda is redefining what it means to be a successful realtor in the modern world.

In Portugal…

Amanda recently embarked on an exhilarating journey to Portugal, capturing the essence of its captivating real estate market in a video that showcases the allure of turnkey vacation rentals. From exploring charming neighborhoods to meeting industry experts, this experience proves that Portugal is a treasure trove of investment opportunities waiting to be unlocked. Amanda’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of diversified investments from the sunflower-dotted fields of Tuscany to the serene shores of Portugal. With an eye for detail and a commitment to enriching her audience’s financial landscapes, Amanda is redefining the role of a real estate professional. 

Follow Amanda across the globe with upcoming engagements, spanning continents

Amanda’s journey doesn’t end with Portugal. Her participation in the upcoming International Living Ultimate Go Overseas Bootcamp is a testament to her commitment to continuous learning and exploration. This event promises to elevate Amanda’s expertise further, equipping her with the latest trends and strategies in international real estate. 

After the Bootcamp, she heads straight to Atlanta, where she’s a featured speaker at the Invest Like a Woman Conference. Amanda’s upcoming speaking engagements are prime examples of her skill in guiding people on short and mid-term rental investments and her dedication to empowering women in the industry. This event showcases Amanda’s knowledge in successfully navigating investments and her commitment to fostering women’s growth within the field. 

From Atlanta, Amanda crosses continents to Sydney, Australia, where she’s set to speak at the ASTRA Short-Term Rental Conference. Her international presence underscores her dedication to bridging the gap between investment opportunities and her audience, helping them navigate the world of short-term vacation rentals.

A journey that’s full of adventures, education, and engagements

Amanda’s journey in real estate began in 2008 when she started helping a friend flip homes. Since then, she has built a significant property portfolio, co-authored the book “Hospitable Hosts,” and founded Carolina Furnished Rentals, a short-term and mid-term rental business in Raleigh, NC. Her dedication and expertise have earned her a spot in the Top 1% of eXp Realty Influencers and Success Magazine’s Top 50 Women of Influence.

As a global citizen, Amanda believes that investing is about more than just numbers; it’s about embracing a global perspective and uncovering the stories behind the properties and the dreams they hold. “With each step across borders, I’m uncovering the stories behind the properties and the dreams they hold. This journey isn’t just mine – it’s a shared adventure with every investor seeking growth beyond boundaries,” she says.

Amanda’s approach to real estate goes beyond traditional methods. She is an advocate for creative financing and has extensive experience in flipping homes and buying rentals using non-traditional methods. Now, she is using her knowledge and experience to help other agents reach their short-term and mid-term rental goals, inspiring them to travel the world and diversify their portfolios.

In addition to her work in real estate, Amanda is passionate about travel and has embarked on a new adventure by purchasing an apartment on Storylines’ MV Narrative, a residential cruise ship. This decision reflects her desire to have a home base while traveling, connect with new markets, and build her business globally.

Amanda’s dedication to her clients, passion for international real estate, and commitment to helping others succeed make her a stand-out figure in the real estate industry. As ‘The Traveling Realtor,’ Amanda is not just building a successful career. She is building a community of like-minded investors and realtor partners who share her passion for growth beyond boundaries.

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Amanda’s recent YouTube video showcases her journey into the enchanting world of Portugal’s real estate market. With properties available for under 200,000 euros, this video highlights the financial allure and features insightful interviews with industry experts. Chris White, the visionary founder of Ideal Homes, and Sasha, their top agent, offer viewers unparalleled insights into Portugal’s investment potential.

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