Alphacat (ACAT) Price Soars 300% In A Month. Why the Sudden Price Rise?

While many cryptocurrencies have suffered a bear market in the past month, Alphacat has surpassed hundreds of cryptocurrencies with an increase of 150,000% in volume. Jumping from ~$ 0.0042 (0.00000058 BTC) to ~$ 0.0135 (0.0000015 BTC), the ACAT tokens have increased over 300%! What is happening, and why the sudden rise?

Why is ACAT Surging?

The untapped mines of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and FinTech companies are gradually taking over the financial services industry, providing products and services, once solely accessible to financial institutions. Alphacat, the world’s first artificial intelligent (AI) powered adviser marketplace, focused on blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, has leveraged the latest quantitative investment trends and technology in the blockchain world to close in the gap of market realization analysis, risk control, investment, and management of digital currencies and assets.

Alphacat aims to transform global market services to create a new and revolutionary financial platform for both consumers and businesses. Built on the NEO Ecosystem through decentralized quantification protocols and data encryption, Alphacat protects the privacy and information security of investors, maintaining integrity, verifiability and validity of investments, innovations, and intellectual property.

Alphacat will be the world’s first robot adviser marketplace that is focused on cryptocurrencies. The Alphacat platform will consist of robots that utilize both artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘big data’ to predict the future price of specific cryptocurrencies. Alphacat’s AI robots use big data to calculate the likelihood that a particular market will increase, and to date, its price prediction for Bitcoin has an accuracy of 60%. There is no other prediction platform on the market with this level of accuracy. The platform is set to go live in Q3 of this year.

Investors & Strategic Advisors

At the forefront of AI based FinTech, Alphacat has been established by some of the largest and most well-known investors and advisors in the blockchain industry. Since its early stages, Alphacat has had deep partnerships with:

  • NEO Global Capital, Preangel Capital, and Water Drop Capital
  • Youanyuan Li, CEO of ChainLinker and Partner at FB Capital
  • Bo Shen, Founder of FenBuShi Venture Capital, and Founder of Blockasset Fund
  • Richard Wang, DFJ Dragon Fund VC Partner
  • Prophet Capital, Probe Angel Investment, Fireball Finance, Origin Capital, Alpha Connect, NEXT Blockchain Fund, QKL Capital, CFun, BIT168 Fund
  • Other pioneer venture capital firms include: Block VC, Node Capital, Energy Blockchain Fund, and ChainFunder, pioneer venture capital firms with a focus on blockchain enabled companies

A Stellar Team

  • Former Wall Street, Google, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Rockwell, Ping Capital, Huawei, Yellow River Capital, Nortel, Conexant, NxEco, and Motorola engineers
  • Alphacat has won a number of international patents in Fintech, including “Market neutral (stock) pairing trading model”, “Automatic analysis for financial assets”, “Financial product prediction system”, “Investment graphic automatic search system for technical analysis”, etc.
  • Awarded “2016 ECI International Award for Science and Technology Innovation Gold Award” by the International Association of Digital Commerce Innovation (IECIA) in New York, USA
  • The Alphacat team received 30 million RMB of VC Funding in 2016, sense then the team has introduced the Alphacat I Quant Trading Engine completed its Beta release in December of 2016 and since then it has generated a 23% annual return
  • Awarded “2016 Most Influential Quantitative Investor” by China Quantitative Investment Association

Under the Radar

Unknown to many, big institutional firms and companies have contributed to the private sale of the Alphacat tokens (ACAT); the team received all of the necessary funding from the private sale, which is why the public ICO was cancelled. Since the initial token release on KuCoin, the ACAT tokens have been flying under the radar as investors keep accumulating at these low-price levels.

With the upcoming release of Alphacat’s real-time quantitative algorithmic trading engine for Bitcoin (v.2.0), daily forecast predictions for Ethereum (ETH), NEO, and EOS, ACAT is predicted to soar to $0.10.

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