Alma K Elliott Releases New Book, “Unlocking the Door: You Hold the Keys to Your Blessings” Detailing Her Life Experiences

Alma K Elliott, author and narrator of the book “Unlocking the Door: You Hold the Keys to Your Blessings” announces the release of her new book. The book by author Alma K Elliott is a collection of her experiences as an ordinary woman making her way through a somewhat arduous life. It looks at her riveting story of meeting God. The book has many twists and turns that take the reader on an emotional rollercoaster and leaves them convinced that it’s not too late to achieve their dreams, visions, and ideas.

Alma K Elliott has written Unlocking the Door: You Hold the Keys to Your Blessings from her perspective. She believes that everyone is special and possesses the ability to connect with God. She sees humanity in everyone, which allows her to bond with anyone. She thinks if you understand people, you can move the world and find God. Her book consists of various themes such as Christianity, Spirituality, and Inner Peace. 

The book is available on Kindle in the Hardcover format consisting of 67 pages written in the English language 

Alma Kizer-Elliott was born in Memphis, TN. While growing up as a child in South Memphis, she overcame many obstacles. Alma continued to grow and learned to trust in the Lord at a young age. Alma was a Pillow Street CME Church member as a child, where she played the piano, sang in the choir, served as choir director, and grew in the spirit. As the oldest sibling at home, she watched over her younger brother and sister while her mother was out working. 

As a young adult, Alma moved her church membership to All Believers Christian Center, where her faith in God grew beyond belief. Alma accepted her calling into ministry and was a faithful servant of the Lord. She believes strongly in the word of God and loves to share His word. At a time when it was rare to hear of a woman Minister, Alma continued to grow and serve God in every aspect of her life. Minister Alma moved on to Golden Gate Full Gospel Church, where she taught Sunday School classes and shared the Goodness of the Lord with the congregation.

Minister Alma is currently a Gray’s Creek Church member in Arlington, TN. She has a very supporting husband, two sons, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters. She has grown to become a strong woman of God. She is self-motivated, spirit-filled, and a determined ray of sunshine. She is a faithful believer of Jeremiah 1: 12, which says, “I will hasten to my word to perform it.” She knows that there is nothing too hard for God and that every obstacle in life is a future testimony! She loves the Lord and wants to be an example to everyone she meets. She strongly believes that God is always in Control! 

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