Allstar Pool Tables has Custom Solutions for Sale, Lease and Profit-Sharing

Melbourne, Australia – July 24, 2019 – The passion for cue sports has only increased over time and John Russell, owner of Allstar Pool Tables, is one of those enthusiasts and an award-winning player. The company provides aficionados with an array of options, from custom pool tables and tabletop models to repair of a favorite snooker or pool table. 

“Being disillusioned at the lack of championship-quality pool tables available and having already been involved in the manufacturing and reclothing of snooker and pool tables, I decided to start Allstar Pool Tables in 1990,” said Russell.

Allstar Pool Tables manufacturers new pool tables Melbourne, including custom tables in dimensions ranging from 6-12 ft. and coin-operated tables are offered for sale, lease or on a profit-sharing basis to attract new customers and increase revenues.

The company provides a myriad of pool table repair Melbourne services ranging from broken brackets and reclothing of the bed and cushions in any desired color. The slate can be repaired or replaced and the company has a nine-point checklist of available repair and refurbishing services.

Pool table removal Melbourne is a specialty at Allstar Pool Tables, whether the table is going in for repairs or simply needs to be relocated.

A pool table is a significant investment. For those in search of a quality table at reduced pricing, the company has second hand pool tables Melbourne to accommodate any budget. Snooker and pool tables can be delivered and the company offers a wide range of accessories including cues, racks, and triangles.

Allstar Pool Tables provide essential services for clients seeking a snooker or pool table, along with those that need their table repaired or relocated. The hire and release service provides an innovative option for those that want to practice their shots, offer the game at a party or corporate event, host a championship match, and attract new customers.

About Allstar Pool Tables

Allstar Pool Tables was founded in 1990 by John Russell after he won the Australian 8 ball national teams title in Adelaide. All tables are manufactured using Australian hardwoods, Italian slate and English billiard cloth with custom rubbers. The company is the leading supplier for pool tables in every state and territory in Australia.

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