Allegro Fine Foods Debuts Three New Marinades to its Unique Family of Flavors

Paris, TN – Nov 24, 2020 – With the traditional autumn hunting season in full swing, hunters and fishing enthusiasts have new options for flavoring their bounty. Dave Wilcox, owner of Allegro Fine Foods, announced the addition of three new marinades to the company’s family of products.

“Allegro Fine Foods has built its brand around good food and good community,” said Wilcox. “Whether you’re cooking over a campfire, grilling in the backyard, or whipping up a quick family dinner, we hope you enjoy Allegro-made foods with the people you care about most while making memories you’ll smile about for years.”

The new Allegro marinades are Tennessee Whisky, Black Pepper, and Honey Garlic. Tennessee Whiskey combines special herbs and spices with the smoothness of Kentucky whiskey. Black Pepper is a bold flavor for meats, seafood, and vegetables. Honey Garlic fuses the flavors of garlic and sweet honey for the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and tangy.

With 11 distinctive marinades and four renowned sauces, Allegro marinades and sauces are tasty solutions for any occasion. The marinade sauces are crafted to accommodate multiple tastes and personal preferences. They encompass the company’s Original BBQ Sauce, Honey BBQ, Spicy BBQ, and Gold Buckle Brisket & Fajita. All of the offerings can be used with multiple cooking methods from ovens and smokers to open campfires and gas or charcoal grills.

The company has a myriad of marinades for meat that’s appropriate for beef, chicken, poultry fish, and wild game. The marinades from Allegro Fine Foods aids in tenderizing meat and pairs unique combinations of herbs and spices for new and innovative taste sensations. In addition to family favorites, individuals can also choose gourmet selections such as soy and lime or raspberry chipotle to enliven tailgating events.

Marinades aren’t just for meat anymore – they’re also marinades for vegetables. The company’s flavors provide seasoning and zest for vegetables ranging from corn on the cob and stir fry to vegetable kabobs that will tempt the taste buds of even the most steadfast carnivore.

Allegro Fine Foods’ new marinades for seafood are a feast for the senses whether they’re enhancing meat or embellishing mealtime vegetables. Sharing food with family and friends is a time-honored tradition. The marinades and sauces from Allegro are taste sensations that bring people together to create memories that will last long after the last bite has been eaten.

About Allegro Fine Foods

Allegro Fine Foods was founded in 1977 by Dave and Betsy Wilcox. After owning a successful Italian restaurant for many years, the couple decided to make their marinade full time. They began selling their products out of the back of a Dodge camper van and the company has emerged as a national distributor to major shopping outlets. The company’s philosophy is one of the people, the planet, and profit – in that order. The Betsy Wilcox Foundation was established in 1992 and has made significant charitable contributions to causes ranging from wetlands conservation to disaster relief and recovery to educational opportunities. Connect with Allegro on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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