Alkalife® International Launches Brain Performance Plus™, a Super-Premium Nootropic Supplement

Alkalife® International, the world’s leading brand of alkaline enhancers, has launched a revolutionary nootropic supplement called Brain Performance Plus™. Designed to support overall brain health and maximize cognitive potential, this fast-acting formula is raising the bar for mental performance supplements.

Alkalife® International has been at the forefront of the alkaline water movement for decades, helping people maintain optimal health by drinking pH-balanced water. The company’s founder, Sang Whang, discovered the health benefits of alkaline water after suffering from hypertension and other debilitating conditions. He invented Alkalife®, the world’s first pH booster drops, which became the number one brand of alkaline enhancers worldwide.

In 2019, American scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur Richard Natrillo acquired Alkalife® International and was taken aback by its unique health benefits. He realized its potential to help users reach their fitness and weight loss goals, so he sought out strategic partnerships worldwide to make Alkalife®® available everywhere. Today, the product is sold across six of seven continents—from Asia to Africa, from Europe to India, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific.

Alkalife® International is committed to providing unrivaled quality in its products. Each raw ingredient that enters its FDA-registered facility in the United States is rigorously tested for purity and potency. The state-of-the-art Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification ensures all heavy metals and microbials match suppliers’ Certificates of Analysis, guaranteeing effectiveness with consistent excellence.

Alkalife® International has now expanded its product lineup with a range of nootropic supplements. Brain Performance Plus™ is the most advanced and comprehensive mental performance product and nootropic supplement. Formulated with an alkaline formula, it’s the only nootropic supplement on the market with this feature.

Richard Natrillo, the CEO of Alkalife® International, holds an advanced degree in neurobiology and is passionate about wellness-driven innovation. He invented Brain Performance Plus™ to support overall brain health, helping users maximize their cognitive potential. This brain supplement’s fast-acting formula is designed to fuel cognition, focus, and concentration in adults. When used over time, Brain Performance Plus™ helps improve memory.

In addition to Brain Performance Plus™, Alkalife® International is developing special products to improve sleep, metabolism, and skin care. These products will be enhanced by alkaline-rich pH technology, furthering the company’s position as one of today’s premier wellness brands.

“We’re excited to launch Brain Performance Plus™, the most advanced and powerful nootropic supplement on the market. Our commitment to quality and our customers’ well-being is at the forefront of everything we do,” said Richard Natrillo, CEO of Alkalife® International. Brain Performance Plus™ is available now on the Alkalife® International website and through select retailers worldwide.

In conclusion, Alkalife® International’s new Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic supplement is a game-changer in the mental performance supplement industry. With its alkaline component and fast-acting formula, it’s a standout product that promises to support overall brain health and help users maximize their cognitive potential. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that it will continue to be a leader in the wellness industry for years to come.

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