Alive Christians Website Shares Faith Resources With The Body of Christ Globally

Alive Christians Website Shares Faith Resources With The Body of Christ Globally

Alive Christias has lots of great resources for Christian believers around the world. As the focus of the site is training believers to be everything that God wants them to be the founder, Apostle Quinson Thomas, has made it his top priority to ensure that believers around the world have the necessary tools, insights, and revelations for effective ministry. And in this regard, he has shared, online, many tools and documents for believers.

The first tool is the Bible questions and answers. This allows believers to know the answers to many popular questions that may be hard to find by simply perusing the scriptures. Here believers can learn how long Adam and Eve lived and how long the Lord Jesus lived, and many other answers to questions that they may have.

At, visitors also learn about the website’s initiative to teach piano to communities throughout the United States and indeed around the world. This is said to be an effort to give much-needed help to churches, which very often need musicians for their worship services. These piano lessons are available there and to start, the site offers free introductory lessons.

In addition to biblical questions and answers, there are also biblical definitionson the site. Site visitors will learn what blasphemy and salvation mean. They will also learn what sin is and what holiness truly means according to the Word of God.

The site also features many Psalms. The Psalms are written mostly by King David and there are many powerful truths to inspire and encourage believers there, and so the site offers the Psalms for visitors to read, or watch videos concerning the Psalms so that they can build their Bible knowledge and gather powerful insights.

Also, there’s a host of hymns from many different centuries that are sure to inspire faith and help believers in times of worship to the Lord. The hymns are from the times of the Reformation and go forward into the 20th century.

Lastly, site visitors will also learn what the Bible says about healing and how it is available for believers by faith today. As the Lord Jesus was in His earthly ministry healing people, site visitors will see that the healing ministry is still for today, and if applicable, learn the steps to walk in the healing ministry of the Lord in their everyday lives.

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