Alive Christians Shares Verse of The Day, Spiritual Gift Test and Pictures of Angels on Its Website This Week.

This week shares pages for the Verse of The Day, Spiritual Gift Test, and Pictures of Angels on Its Website.

It’s not every day that you hear the truth of the Bible translated to you in everyday terms and experiences that you can see and relate to. But, this is exactly what the founder of has been able to do – give you real-life applications and experiences around the truth of the Bible.

This week, Alive Christians has launched a verse of the day page, a spiritual gifts test page and images of biblically accurate angels.

“It’s a part of our ministry’s mission,” said the Founder.

The Founder, Apostle Quinson Thomas believes that everyone should be able to have access to prophetic ministry and solid bible teaching even if their local church doesn’t have a resident Prophet or Bible Teacher because it is essential in the life of a Christian to be able to hear The Voice of God in addition to reading encouraging verses in the bible to grow in faith. From the day that Apostle Quinson was born again, He wanted to have close fellowship with God, learn His voice, and do what the scriptures indicated was possible for the believer. This is one of the reasons why he launched the Alive Christians Website.

Walking out your faith day by day can be very hard to accomplish, but Alive Christians, by the grace of God, helps you with devotionals, and bible verses that make it easier to involve faith in your daily life. Alive Christians offers a verse of the day page at:

They also this week have updated their spiritual gifts test page for people wanting to discover what their spiritual gifts are from God.

And lastly, you can find images of biblically accurate angels at . This is for all those who want to know what angels really look like.

The founder said that he didn’t want it to be a situation where people didn’t see the application or the significance of the Bible in believers’ daily lives.

Alive Christians is also known for sharing healing scriptures so that people can believe God for their healing.

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Alive Christians is a Christian Training Website, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, that helps people just like you find their callings and walk those callings out to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The site helps people in their walk with the Lord and fulfilling their callings.

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