Alive Christians Reaches Out To Christian World Via Social Media

Alive Christians Reaches Out To Christian World Via Social Media

Alive Christians is a powerful training website for believers that helps them to be everything that God has designed them to be with the skills, support, and resources that they need to do so.

And, in this regard, the website has endeavored to grow its reach by having social media profiles in almost every location online.

Facebook – The Alive Christians Facebook page is where the ministry’s site visitors go to find out more about the site. There are articles and videos there. In fact, Apostle Quinson Thomas goes LIVE on Facebook through this page. 

Pinterest is very dynamic in that there are tons and tons of articles there for you to read and look at since it’s a very visual channel. The Alive Christians’ Pinterest page is also very visual. There you learn Bible verses on many different topics.

On Twitter, Alive Christians also provides great article pages on the Twitter feed for its profile. Posts on forgiveness and tattoos are provided there, for example.

On Reddit, Alive Christians features its spiritual gifts test, as well as many of its other profiles on other social media to ensure that the Christian community around the world is very much engaged and informed about what’s going on at the site.

YouTube– The founder Prophet Quinson Thomas goes LIVE every two weeks or so on YouTube and ministers one-on-one prophetically to those who are in attendance. This way, the ministry reaches out to the online community and the world in a more personal way.

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