AliCoin (ALICN) Releases Staking through its wallet with generous earning in ALICN or USDT

AliXConnect is pleased to announce the release of staking capabilities for AliCoin (ALICN) through its wallet on IOS and Android platform.  Users are now able to stake their AliCoin for generous earning of either AliCoin or USDT.  The staking is considered the first major addition to the AliCoin wallet since it was created in December 2021. 

The staking packages are a form of CD (Certificate of Deposit) in the form of AliCoin that earns additional ALICN or USDT over periods that range from 1 month to 12 months.  The earning is considered one of the best and most competitive in the industry for such APY earning. 

Users are encouraged to buy ALICN and move to their ALICN wallets and choose from the following staking packages and durations.  ALICN and USDT earnings are calculated and awarded daily to the user’s wallets.      

The staking packages released are as follows:

ALICN to ALICN 1 month with 6.00% APY; ALICN to USDT 1 month with 1.00% APY

ALICN to ALICN 3 month with 7.00% APY; ALICN to USDT 3 month with 1.25% APY

ALICN to ALICN 6 month with 8.00% APY; ALICN to USDT 6 month with 1.50% APY

ALICN to ALICN 12 month with 9.00% APY; ALICN to USDT 12 month with 1.50% APY

AliXConnect is a decentralized open-source blockchain application protocol focused on enabling cross-border import, export, and logistics tracking. Using smart contracts powered on the network’s public ledger, AliXConnect tracks and consolidates critical end-to-end import and export data sets like Bill of Lading (BOL), Certificate of Origin (COO), vessel name and numbers, Clearing agency details, manufacturer and agent / trade agency contracts and agreements, and more.

AliCoin (Ticker ALICN) is currently trading on the following exchanges and will be listed on other exchanges soon.





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