Ali Houmani: Story of a Growing Young YouTuber from Canada

The younger generation these days is more influenced by YouTube. They are more curious to find ways to earn more subscribers and followers on social media. Well, the journey to becoming a famous YouTuber is not that easy. It requires lots of sincere efforts and hard work. And this dedication and passion pay a lot at a later stage.

Ali Houmani or the well-known YouTube star Ali H started his journey with a dream to gain unlimited fans on YouTube. This 27 years YouTuber originally opened his YouTube channel in the month of April 2011. And he released the debut video in September 2012 with the title “Superman Does Gangnam Style – Hot 89.9 Contest”. This video was loved by many people, and slowly he started entertaining more audience online with his creative videos.

One of his most famous videos on YouTube was “My house is haunted, I don’t know what to do | Creepy paranormal activity on camera.” This video was posted in August 2019, and it gained a huge fan base online. Hundreds of thousands of people shared this video on many other platforms, and it was a turning point for Ali H’s career as a YouTuber. Today, he has gainedmore than 250,000 subscribers on YouTube with his unique collection of scary videos, sketches, memorable vlogs and spooky challenges.

He is often seen with his pet dog in most of his YouTube videos; even he has written a tag line for his dog on his Instagram channel page. Other than this, he prefers to create many engaging videos with his girlfriend, Emma Nicholson. Ali H is loved by his fans for his amazing fitness; he keeps on sharing his images with six-pack abs on the Instagram platform. Most of his Instagram images are with his pet dog, his crazy group of friends and his girlfriend.

Ali H prefers to update a new video on his channel every 3rd day and most of them are paranormal videos or vlogs. He gained millions of views and reactions for his scary video collections on YouTube. Other than this, you will find many reaction videos and challenge videos on his YouTube channel.

About Ali H:

Ali H is a rising YouTube star who was born on March 21, 1993, at Ottawa, Canada. He is currently 27 years old with a huge fan base in the online world. His YouTube channel is currently loaded with 250,000 subscribers, and people are always eager to enjoy his latest collection of scary and challenge videos. Ali H achieved higher ranking online as a Horror Web Star and is followed by 94.6K people on Instagram as well.

In order to know more about this young YouTuber, we recently asked a few questions from him.

Q. What inspired you to start your career as a YouTuber?

A. Initially my friends and I started a group channel to do some fun charity work. We dressed up as elves and gave out gifts at the local food bank, as well as helped the food bank volunteers stock up and make food bags for the community. When that finished we realized we had so much fun that we all started our own channels and started recording. So essentially it all started for fun and to help others.

Q. Most of YouTube videos are filmed on your pet dog; share your recording experience with him?

A. Its awesome. He’s my best friend and i try to include him in as many videos as I can. He’s the perfect dog to have on camera because he’s always doing something ridiculous. He’s just as fun on camera as he is off camera.

Q. What kind of videos your fans should expect from you in the coming years?

A. Tons of funny and memorable vlogs. We have big plans coming up as soon as quarantine is over. We have a lot of fun and original ideas that we are ready to start filming, we just need the space.

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