Alfa Chemistry Provides Insect Pheromones to Assist Pest-control

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of different insect pheromones that respond to control pests effectively and respectfully with the environment.

Insect pheromone is also known as insect sex hormone, which is the medium for chemical communication between insects. The insects themselves produced the traceable substances that transmit information in intraspecific or interspecific species. So the insect pheromones play the important role of information transfer, affecting the behavior and some other physiological functions of insects. 

Insect pheromones can be divided into the below species in function:

1  Trail pheromones: to locate a food source

2  Aggregation pheromones: to find individuals of the same species

3  Alarm pheromones: to warn any sort of danger

4  Sex pheromones: to attract adults of the opposite sex for mating

5  Instruction pheromones: to indicate what tasks need to be done

6  Death pheromones: to indicate when an insect has died and needs to be removed from the hive, hill, tree, or wherever the type of insects resides

Simple structure of insect pheromones is straight chain compounds, which include hydrocarbon, alcohol, and esterandaldehyde. Others are side chain compounds. In addition, ketones and epoxy compounds are also included. So pheromones may be classified into different groups based on different structures as below:

1  Hydrocarbon

2  Alcohol

3  Ester

4  Ketones

5  Epoxy compounds

6  Others

With the development of modern science technology, insect pheromone has played a certain role in pest-control. The history of insect pheromone product in pest-control can date back to 1960s. However, at before, the main means of the pest-control in agricultural production is chemical pesticide, which has no doubt brought many side effects such as destroying the ecological balance. Compared to pesticide, insect pheromone product is famous for its high efficiency, non-toxicity, pollution-free and other advantages. And this technology is available to be used both indoor and outdoor.

Insect pheromones can be applied in pest detection and pest control. In pest detection, the occurrence period and the amount of pests can be predicted by the density of pheromones. And in pest control, sex attractants can depress the density of its population by lowering the mating probability between male and female pests. For example, myristyl acetate is the chemical substance involved in sex pheromone communication between the sexes of cossid moth, which has caused significant damage in South Africa. So this sex pheromone should be taken in to account in population control of cossid moth.

“In order to satisfy the need from our customers all over the world, we provide a wide variety of insect pheromones to assist pest-control. And we are glad to announce that the insect pheromone products has brought considerable profit to us due to our high quality of such products.” said Dr. Barara Brown, a chemical researcher at Alfa Chemistry.


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