Alex Warner Reveals Secret to Age Hacking and the Personal Story that Started It All

Alex Warner, the Director of Health and Science at the Skin Research Institute, recently spoke in an interview about his motivation behind one of newest advancements in skincare — Age Hacking.

5 Jul, 2017 – Alex Warner has always been interested in skincare. In July of 2004, he became the Director of Health and Science at the Skin Research Institute. While he clocked many hours researching and helping people achieve optimal skin health, it was a personal story involving his wife that led to the creation of Cryotin.

After years in the skincare business, Alex Warner was well-versed in popular expectations — people wanted to look younger by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, wanted to get rid of dark circles, and feel more radiant and confident. What he did not expect was that his wife felt the same way. In a recent interview, Warner discusses how he returned home one evening after work to find his wife, Darla, researching cosmetic surgery prices: “Its common. It’s common for people to see celebrities having cosmetic surgery and immediately jump to that option. But what people often don’t consider is the risks that come along with those procedures and the fact that the results aren’t always permanent.” Needless to say, this further jump-started Warner’s research and led him to discover “age hacking.”

Warner’s research led him to the idea that most anti-aging creams and lotions often fail to work because they are only applied topically. Given the fact that people have various skin types as conditions, this topical application only blankets the skin areas of improvement. As he continued on, he discovered Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, an ingredient indigenous to Antarctica.

What was particularly interesting to Warner about this extract was its ability to retain moisture in low temperatures without freezing, given the conditions of the arctic. The extract then became the perfect base to provide optimal and safe moisture to skin allowing other age-defying ingredients to work longer. As Warner and his team started to formulate Cryotin, they soon realized the most interesting component of the Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract — its ability to convince the skin to create more collagen in specified areas. Thus, the term “age hacking” was born.

“I wanted to give my wife, and others, the ability to turn back the clock in a safer way than cosmetic surgery. You rarely see stories about those surgeries gone wrong and that’s for a good reason. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why. But Cryotin has helped my wife feel more confident and I hope it will helps other people feel the same way.”

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