ALEX D’ALESSANDRO the gypsy guitarist who doesn’t stop in the Post-Covid World.

ALEX D'ALESSANDRO the gypsy guitarist who doesn't stop in the Post-Covid World.

DIGITAL FLAMENCO, the new instrumental album by ALEX D’ALESSANDRO will be released on January 6th on Spotify and all Digital Music Streaming Services around the World.

Alex D’Alessandro is a very empathetic flamenco guitarist and a music producer who stimulates the listener’s imagination.

His music is totally dynamic, a real journey into the sounds of flamenco but also the sounds of today’s contemporary world. Electronic sounds that are never banal interact with the guitar of this gypsy, stateless in the world of sounds that draws real sound stories.

Listening to this album you are captured in wordless stories that lead us to the beating heart of the Duende (expression and authenticity).

For all instrumental music enthusiasts who seek in today’s music the root with the earth but also a relationship with everyday life, this album is a bridge built with great passion and dedication between very different expressive universes.

Music that restores the mind and that can inspire a huge audience around the world. Music that goes straight to the belly, our emotional brain. A dialogue between past and present, tradition and technology. Music to share with those who want to face the future with courage and optimism.

DIGITAL FLAMENCO wants to be a project that arises without prejudice in a world that is increasingly eager for real human contacts and deep and true exchanges between people. 

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