Alan Rudolph + Keith Carradine reunite for sixth film together, ‘RAY MEETS HELEN’, for weeklong nationwide theatrical beginning May 4th in major U.S. cities, with special Q&A’s in Los Angeles and Seattle. New York will host the first-ever Alan Rudolph retrospective, “Alan Rudolph’s Everyday Lovers”, at NY’s Quad Cinemas with Alan Rudolph and Keith Carradine in person.

Los Angeles, CA – April 24, 2018 – Alan Rudolph is the cinematic equivalent of a Perigord Black Truffle; you can find one if you look hard enough, though expect to pay upwards of £25 for the privilege.” Storgy Mag, Steve Timms, February 2018.

Rudolph’s career began in the ‘70s, but his golden period was during the mid-80s to the late ‘90s with ‘Welcome to LA’ (1976), his first directional debut alongside mentor and producer, Robert Altman. It was Rudolph’s first film, ‘Welcome to L.A.’, which established a common theme he would continue to explore in his films for years to come, “the tension that exists between loneliness and longing. Many of his characters ache for romantic connection, yet haunted by difficult personal histories and they simultaneously fear it,” wrote Timms. 

Photo: Alan Rudolph from Storgy Mag.

Rudolph’s filmography continued with hallmark of love and lost between couples with ‘Remember my Name’ (1978) and his most noteworthy, ‘Choose Me’ (1984), his first of now six films with longtime successful actor, singer and songwriter, Keith Carradine (‘Nashville’, ‘Madam Secretary). ‘Choose Me’ is one of Rudolph’s “most sophisticated demonstrations of his dreamy spirit” as the film provides “some of the wildest kissing scenes ever filmed, the spark between Mickey and Eve is what gives the film its combustible edge,” writes Timms, adding that after Rudolph’s ‘Choose Me’ marked another Rudolph trademark, an “ambiguous ‘happy-ever-after’”, where the film concludes with “the pair eloping under cover of night but there’s doubt in their eyes”.

In the near future, Rudolph and Carradine would continue to reunite for several films, including the neo-noir ‘Trouble in Mind’ (1985), recasting Carradine for a love-triangle role, the set in Paris 1920s ‘The Moderns’ (1988), the star-studded cast of ‘Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle’ (1994) including Matthew Broderick, Gwyneth Paltrow, Peter Gallagher, Stanley Tucci, Andrew McCarthy, Heather Graham, and of course, Keith Carradine. Years later in 1997, ‘Afterglow’ was Rudolph’s last film to be released in the UK, though he made few movies before he semi-retired: ‘Breakfast of Champions’ (1999), ‘Trixie’ (2000), ‘Investigating Sex’ (2001) and ‘Secret Lives of Dentists’ (2002).

Rudolph is now 73, and after a 15-year break, is back with something new, ‘RAY MEETS HELEN, an eccentric, late-in-life rom-com, which reunites him with Keith Carradine,” wrote Timms.

Rudolph will be return to the big screen with ‘RAY MEETS HELEN’, a drama with a side of humor, starring once again, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Keith Carradine (Ray), alongside Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee, Sondra Locke (Helen), which will be her first film role in 17 years. Alongside stars Academy Award nominee, Jennifer Tilly. Samantha Mathis and Keith David.

‘RAY MEETS HELEN’ follows two, lonely middle-aged people who are burdened with money woes and life regrets. Haunted by their past’s missed opportunities, lonely and tired of searching for companionship, both Ray and Helen undergo an enhancing self-reinvention. As there’s a sudden province of “good chance” (described by Rudolph), Ray and Helen unexpectedly cross paths due, falling into infatuation with the other’s “new”, and by some measures, enhanced, personas. But, the real reversal of fate occurs when Ray and Helen begin to fall for each other’s true selves, as hand-in-hand, they’re ready to embark on an unexpected journey of a lifetime. “Prepare for sudden romance, shady doings, flights of fancy—and a wealth of cool musical accompaniment both on-screen and on the soundtrack,” highlighted Unseen FilmsSteve Kopian.

TriCoast Entertainment and Moonstone Entertainment’s weeklong nationwide theatrical of  ‘RAY MEETS HELEN’ will begin Friday, May 4th in major U.S. cities including, Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, Encino, Pasadena), Florida (Tampa, Miami), Cleveland, Seattle, Phoenix, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver and New York, with Q&A’s in Los Angeles and Seattle. Exclusively for New York, Quad Cinemas (7911, 34 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011) will present Rudolph’s retrospective, “Alan Rudolph’s Everyday Lovers” from May 4th – May 10th. “The Quad announces the first-ever retrospective of renowned independent filmmaker Alan Rudolph, including the U.S. premiere of his first feature in 15 years, Ray Meets Helen—with Alan Rudolph and Keith Carradine in person!” exclaimed Kopian.

Producers for ‘RAY MEETS HELEN’ are Ernst “Etchie” Stroh of Moonstone Entertainment, who also produced Rudolph’s Academy Award-nominated feature, ‘Afterglow’, and Steven J. Wolfe (‘500 Days of Summer’) of Sneak Preview Entertainment, with Lesley Ann Warren, Keith Carradine and Sondra Locke as executive producers.

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‘RAY MEETS HELEN’ stars Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Keith Carradine (‘Nashville’, ‘Deadwood’, TV series: ‘Dexter’, ‘Madame Secretary’), and Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee, Sondra Locke (‘The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter’, ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’, Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sudden Impact’). Alongside stars three-time Primetime Emmy Awards winner, Keith David (‘The Thing’, ‘They Live’, ‘Armageddon’, ‘The Princess and the Frog’), Samantha Mathis (‘American Psycho’, ‘Little Women’), and Academy Award nominee, Jennifer Tilly (‘Bound’, ‘Liar Liar’, Bride of Chucky’, ‘Seed of Chucky’).

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RAY MEETS HELEN (2017, 100 min.) Directed and written by Alan Rudolph. Editor: Jason Erickson. Cinematography: Spencer Hutchins. Original Music: Shahar Stroh. US, English. Moonstone Entertainment, TriCoast Entertainment.


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