Alaa Harazin – How video marketing can increase credit card sales in restaurants

Alaa Harazin is a payment professional with 15 years of experience in sales of credit card processing services.

The one and only thing that restaurant owners take huge pride in, is the food they serve.  They put together a menu fulll of authenticity and culture to serve the public.  The pride comes from years of perfecting their craft, no dish is the same and could never be compared to the same dish from a different restaurant or chef even if its in the same type of food.

The dishes they make may come from a different culture, a different region on the planet, or an experience they had in the past that now became a reality and a dish for a customer who just walked in the restaurant for the first time.

Successful restaurant owners are starting to adapt, they are using every method of marketing to disseminate the different dishes they make and their entire menu on video. 

As seen on various Food Netowrk Television shows where the items on the menu are shown and put together recipe by recipe and the valuable final product is all shown on video for the public to see.

The videos are shown to the public on the various networks such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and some restaurants may even use Television.  Each dish is its own entity and the history behind it is shown to the public in the form of a video.

Small to medium size restaurants can also have the capability to utilize all social media channels to show their craft, in this day and age we have smart phones that can pretty much do anything we want them to do.  Recording videos of the dishes and the process of making the food is what the public wants to see.  If the public can’t taste it to try it, they at least want to see how its made.  There are many free resources for restaurant owners that can be put to use to increase the publicity of the menu and what makes the restaurant unique.

Putting together short 60 second videos of each dish, how its made, its history, even the expression of the public when they taste or eat it on the various networks mentioned above can make a huge difference.  If someone was thinking of making a decision to come eat at that particular restaurant and they see these short clips it would make the decision for them.

In order for this method to be effective, it must be done throughout the day.  Social media networks provide statistics on each post and restaurant owners can track the results of views and calculate the amount of traffic.

Restaurants that have done this method of advertising, have seen a dramatic increase in their credit cards sales and more customer engagement and became the place to be when the public is thinking of going out and dining.

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