Alaa Harazin: How a firm restaurant executive plays a role in increasing credit card sales

Alaa Harazin is a payment professional with 15 years of experience in sales of credit card processing services. He gained his extensive experience by working alongside the largest credit card processing companies in the market place today.

A restaurant executive is an individual who holds all operations in a restaurant in place and makes the restaurant run like a clock from opening to close.  When the public comes into a restaurant they see the final product of a well organized battle plan that is taking place, one of the most important tasks that restaurant executives have is a well drawn out battle plan for their shifts.  

havoc in restaurants occur when confusion and randomity take place, a restaurant executive steps in and haults confusion by simply putting order in the restaurant. Successful restaurant executives are adopting a dining application that allows servers to know which tables belong to them, which items on the menu fire to the kitchen and which don’t, an application that allows the executive to know who is clocked in, who arrived late and who is not there.  This stable application gives the executive  data on how to overcome confusion in a restaurant.  

A restaurant executive analyzes data given to better run the restaurants daily operations.  Turn around time on dishes ordered can imporve by simply having the front of the house communicating to the back of the house instantly by firing the orders to the kitchen as soon as they are ordered.  A timer on the dining application can help the executive identify why orders are late and improve them.

Successful restaurants that are constantly expanding in large volume in credit card sales are doing so simply by having a firm restaurant executive who knows his post very well.  One who can step into any area of confusion and streamlines all confusion into solutions, taking all data provided and writing a battle plan that gives an advantage on how to better servce customers and set exepctations for staff.

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