Aisha Bowe, Former NASA rocket scientist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Soon-To-Be Astronaut, Reveals the Blueprint for Life Change at Any Given Moment on Tiger Therapy Podcast

Aisha Bowe, Former NASA rocket scientist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Soon-To-Be Astronaut, Reveals the Blueprint for Life Change at Any Given Moment on Tiger Therapy Podcast
I actually have a fear of people who do not have self doubt.
Former NASA rocket scientist, a global motivational speaker, and the founder and CEO of STEM Board explains the delicate balance between confidence and humility, arguing that self-doubt can be a powerful catalyst for growth and innovation when you learn to manage it.

Tiger Therapy,” the acclaimed podcast from knowledge infrastructure solution Tigerhall, welcomes Aisha Bowe, former NASA rocket scientist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and soon-to-be astronaut, to share her story and ignite listeners to shatter limitations and reach the unimaginable.  

Having grappled with negative self-thoughts throughout her younger years, Bowe candidly reveals her journey of self-discovery. For the first 18 years of her life, she navigated through uncertainty about her identity and aspirations. From her interactions with eighth-grade peers to nervously submitting homework to teachers and even the way she meekly carried her backpack, Bowe harbored doubts about her potential, unsure if she would amount to anything.

“I just had all these bad, bad thoughts and I started to feel it in my body. It would show in how I presented myself,” Bowe recalled. “I just wanted to be the kid that woke up and had the American Girl doll, had the brand new backpack, and went to school and had everything just be perfect and new. That wasn’t my reality. And because of that, I started saying in my head, ‘Well, there’s no way that you can be successful.’”

As this went on all through high school, Bowe found herself barely passing geometry and starting to accept that she would not find success. But that shifted entirely when she attended a local community college and decided that she was not tied down to her circumstances. 

“I realized that I could choose how I responded. And in that response, there was power in deciding that I was going to have goals, I was going to have dreams, and I was going to transcend,” Bowe said. 

In that moment, Bowe took her self-doubt and used it to propel herself towards remarkable heights. She shifted the narrative, allowing herself to hold onto the ideas of what she truly wanted out of life and push away the negative self talk. 

With that, Bowe completely changed the trajectory of her life going on to be a NASA rocket scientist, tech entrepreneur, global thought leader, keynote speaker and philanthropist. She is also set to become an astronaut in 2024, making her the first Black woman to fly with Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight company. 

The conversation continues with Bowe describing how she achieved such monumental milestones. She explains to the audience that self-doubt can be used to foster confidence and overcome setbacks. She even noted that the setbacks she faced are the reason she has become so successful. 

“I have self doubt all the time. I used to think that one day I was gonna wake up and it was going to go away. It doesn’t really go away. It’s more of something that when I feel it, I actively manage it,” Bowe explained. “You just have to build up the confidence to allow yourself to be great.”

This aligns seamlessly with Tiger Therapy’s initiative, as it is a podcast dedicated to identifying self doubt and limiting beliefs. This episode offers insight on how to leverage such feelings, as Bowe represents firsthand how to rewire your mind into recognizing that failure leads to progress which ultimately leads to success. Bowe takes self-doubt head on and turns it into a constructive force rather than a downfall. 

Bowe’s appearance on “Tiger Therapy” provides a deep look into her personal journey, demonstrating how setbacks can pave the way for an extraordinary life. She seeks to inspire others to confront and navigate their own doubts, transforming them into powerful catalysts for achievement.

Tiger Therapy features candid conversations with global speakers who have experienced success on their own terms, defied expectations, shattered ceilings, and conquered self-doubt. Self-doubt, or low self-esteem, is a common struggle faced by professionals in today’s workforce. It can also have a severe impact on people’s lives, leading to low achievement and even burnout. Tiger Therapy recognizes these challenges and seeks to provide a solution through conversation. 

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Aisha Bowe

Aisha Bowe is a former NASA rocket scientist, a global motivational speaker, and the founder and CEO of STEM Board—which she bootstrapped into an eight-figure engineering powerhouse specializing in data analytics and IT modernization for large enterprises. The award-winning firm has been recognized in the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. 

A serial entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering students to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Aisha raised over $1.6 million to create LINGO, a self-paced coding kit for learning technical concepts at home. Currently used by over 5,000 students in 10 countries, LINGO has clients that include tech giants such as Microsoft, along with nonprofits, HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities), and federal organizations. 

Thanks to her work for NASA, Aisha already has an array of achievements relating to space exploration. However, in 2023, she is set to become an astronaut herself—and will be part of the first-ever spaceflight crew composed entirely of African-American women. The Blue Origin flight also will make her the first Bahamian in space.

Aisha—whose journey to the stars began with a pre-algebra class in community college—has shared her inspiring story in interviews and presentations around the world as part of the State Department’s U.S. Speaker Program. She has garnered significant attention from national TV, online, and print media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Wired, and The Tamron Hall Show; Aisha also was the focus of the recent documentary “In Her Element,” which can be seen on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple TV.

A member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Aisha has earned numerous awards for her dedication to technical excellence and the principles of diversity and opportunity. She holds a B.S.E in Aerospace Engineering and an M. Eng. in Space Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan, and sits on the university’s Aerospace Department Industry Advisory Board.


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Pippa Woodhead

Pippa Woodhead, Head of Podcasts at Tigerhall in Singapore and expanding rapidly across Asia Pacific and the US, has had her fair share of imposter syndrome moments in her career. This struggle inspired her to create “Tiger Therapy.”

She used to shy away from opportunities, stay out of the spotlight, and believe that a successful career wasn’t for her. But now, she’s done with holding herself back and is ready to embrace life fully.

During her five years at Tigerhall, Pippa conducted over 800 interviews with exceptional figures in the business world, including Fortune 500 executives, workplace happiness experts, neuroscientists, and Olympic medalists. What she discovered is that great leaders are often highly self-aware. They recognize their own limiting beliefs and know when to heed self-doubt as a valuable message and when to push past it.

Through these insightful podcast conversations, Pippa learned a lot about herself, and the medium itself became her form of therapy. With Tiger Therapy, her aim is to engage in meaningful conversations, explore people’s career journeys, discover more about herself, and share some laughs along the way.

Originally from the UK, Pippa has lived in India, Thailand, and now proudly calls Singapore her home.

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