Airwheel Z5 urban electric hoverboard takes on everything in riders future trip

It has no luxuriant outlook and galloping speed but becomes an electric drift hoverboard people love. It is Airwheel Z5. Nowadays, intelligent vehicle has already been the topic that is frequently appeared in people’s conversation. Let’s check it out why it is so amazing.

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Airwheel has started to make multi-directional plan for the intelligent transporting tools when most aren’t familiar with intelligent electric scooters. Last year, Airwheel launched Z3 which were highly praised. But soon, at the beginning of 2016, Z5 was born and made its first appearance in CeBIT. This new comer gets largely promoted in its performance on some key parts. Airwheel Z5 makes it possible for transforming children’s toy into vehicle applied in city commuting.

Z5 foldable electric scooter 

The part between handrail and operating rod is altered to be streamlining which aims to keep the most comfortable riding posture. Wheel hub motor is hidden in the rear wheel to supply power and this design comforts with the requirements of driving security. Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter adopts the superior steel sheet as the material of motors so it runs quietly.

Z5 foldable electric scooter 

The wheels consist of pneumatic front tires and rear solid tires. On the one hand, its ability of road holding has enhanced. On the other hand, this combination of tires could provide you more smooth operating experience with the help of double damping system. Besides, the battery packs of Z5 electric scooters are also designed to be replaceable so riders can use it for long-distance trip after preparing enough back-ups. And surprisingly, the high-efficient USB port is a big welfare for you when your smartphones run out of power during your journey.

Likewise, the folding function of Z5 foldable electric scooter is also outstanding. Only several steps can finish the folding process for ease of carrying or lifting for going upstairs or downstairs. A detail that is worthy to be noticed is the added hook on the operating rod. In this case, after folding the operating rod, this small hook can finely get stuck in the groove of rear wheel so as to make sure the safety of riders in lifting.

We have to admit electric drift hoverboard will emerge into more types in the future, nevertheless, you need to know Airwheel will be with you all the time.

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