Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled foldable electric scooter, Travel in the Rainy Day

The rainy reason always troubles people since the road is always wet and the traffic is bad. As long as the rainy season is coming, people are unwilling to go to work since the traffic becomes worse due to the rain. Airwheel Z5 rescues riders from the terrible situation.

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Rainy season is common in many nations, in those months, it almost rains everyday. Traveling outside is a difficult task since the traffic jam will be serious. People are worrying since they still need to go to work. At this time, people just need a kind of vehicle which is easy to ride and easy to pick up. Airwheel Z5 is the 2 wheeled electric scooter which can make the riding easy.
Airwheel Z5
Peter is the father a 2 kids, to raise his family, he needs to shuttle between home and company each day. With the coming of rainy season, going to company on time is difficult for Peter since if he drives to company, the traffic jam will be serious. If he chooses the public transportation, he needs to take bus, then transferring the subway. The bus will also be late due to ponding. Airwheel Z5 is the standing up electric scooter which can be fold. It is much convenient for Peter as he can ride the scooter first, then pick it to the subway. It shortens the time on the way between home and company greatly.
2-wheeled electric scooter
At first, Peter also wonders whether the battery can resist the water and rain. The battery is designed as modularity, which is easy to pull out and insert. It can also resist water and rain. Riders do not fear the safety problem anymore. The 2-wheeled electric scooter Z5 is also equipped with USB connector which can charge the digital devices efficiently. Peter will not be troubled by the problem of lacking power if he forgets to charge his cell phone. As a busy officer, Peter can be connected by his family and colleagues even on the way.

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With Airwheel Z5, Peter can go to company on time and go back home to accompany his kids quickly. It saves much time for him to stay with his family and it cuts the emission at the same time. The folding electric scooter is the good assistant for males and husbands.

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