Airwheel with well-established reputations showcased its latest innovations in Global Sources Electronics Show

The undisputed leader in intelligent vehicles, Airwheel attended Global Sources Electronics Show Apr 2016 at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. The Global Sources Electronics, the world’s largest electronics sourcing show, attracts volume buyers from more than 100 countries. In this show, Airwheel exhibited 4 brand new products and also showcased the classical electric scooters for visitors.

The vision of Airwheel is to be the initiator and backbone of creating intelligent life style for human being. In the past years, Airwheel opted to design and develop more practical, more convenient and more humanized intelligent scooters for customers. Through all the series of products, it will be not hard to see that Airwheel enjoys great popularity and gradually become the undisputed leader in the industry.
electric scooters
The former products and the latest products are all displayed in the Global Sources Electronics Show Apr 2016. No matter it is the latest or the former product, all of them bring users a lot of fun and help them solve the real problems in modern society. From S series to Q series and from X series to Z series, much effort has gone to the users’ experience and riding comfort level and there are always surprises brought from Airwheel.

For S series, S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter makes it possible that riders can sit to ride. In this show, the new members, S9 and S8, become the focus with their unique characters. S8 electric walkcar is the upgraded version of S6 electric scooter. Different from S6, S8 adopts the 10-inches tyres (pneumatic type) and C-shape control lever which makes it more gorgeous and adaptable. S9 wheeled robot, based on the self-balancing system, is a service robot. This is a big step for marching into the robot market.
2 wheel self-balancing scooter
For Z series, Z3 two-wheel scooter becomes the first choice for daily commuting, a vehicle that can be carried into bus, subway or car trunk. In the show, Airwheel also displayed the new member of Z series, Z5 standing up electric scooter. Similarly, Z5 electric standing scooter is suitable for college students and office workers. The high efficient USB interface can charge daily intelligent devices. Except the above electric scooters or robots, Airwheel also brings its C3/C5 smart helmet.

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