Airwheel SR3 Smart Autonomous Suitcase Will Be Your First Smart Carry

Traveling for the holidays should be easy. With mode of auto-follow, you can let SR3 smart suitcase follow you anywhere. Airwheel SR3’s removable battery, with USB port, lets you power your phone so you never have to crowd around an airport outlet again.

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Travel can widen our knowledge of geography, the knowledge of customs, cultures and lifestyles of different places and countries. Nowadays, there is no shortage of wacky smart gadgets. One of the cooler things we have seen is a piece of smart luggage. Travellers might need a Smart Suitcase—Airwheel SR3. It is suitable for the young and middle-aged. It is a 20-inch standard boarding suitcase. Through optimization, the internal space with reasonable layout is up to 30L. Its internal structure is well-designed with separated zipper pocket, maintenance pocket and energy storage pocket. Its draw-bar has three-section aluminium with double bars. The shell is made of ABS + PC and lining material made of Polyester fabric.

The auto-follow function lets you liberate two hands with the maximum speed of 5km/h. Airwheel SR3 intelligent self-driving suitcase literally follows you around so you will never have to drag or carry a baggage. It will automatically alarm when over five meters.

You can also remotely lock the bag or set it to auto-lock in case you get separated from it. Featuring infrared obstacle avoidance and mobile app, it allows you to do all the operation and monitor its real-time status. The SR3 carry-on is able to connect wirelessly to your smartphone so you can stay charged, tracked, and locked. Its mobile app is applicable to IOS and Android system.

Its charging dock, with USB port, lets you power your phone up to three times so you never have to crowd around an airport outlet again. With 13,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, SR3 intelligent auto-following suitcase provides 5km range and can charge your mobile phone, PAD and other electronics. The removable battery complies with airline boarding requirements. In addition, the TSA002 customs lock in line with the general standards of customs is safe and convenient for customs clearance.

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