Airwheel SR3 Smart Auto-Follow Suitcase Shows Boundless Possibilities of the Future

Airwheel enjoys the endurable and sound reputation due to the practical, user-friendly design as well as a wide range of products to meet more people’s demands. The new arrival Airwheel SR3 smart luggage shows travelers boundless possibilities.

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Airwheel specializes in smart travel equipment and its riders spread all over the world. Its success is built on enabling customers to live freer, providing them with an intelligent companion, helping them find passion and joy from life, to realize higher personal value, just like the new product—SR3 autonomous suitcase. The latest technology R&D achievements with AI as the core realize products upgrade in the market to respond to changes for user needs.

intelligent self-following suitcase

As we know, traditional suitcase has some limitations to some extent. It may be heavy making users exhausted. Or users may have more than one luggage making them hard to handle them. Airwheel SR3 is a 20-inch smart suitcase with 30L inner space. It installs rear-wheel drive and front Omni-directional wheels that allows users to enjoy a smooth and relaxing journey. Users can take it to airport, restaurants, shopping malls, railway stations, stadiums etc. In a word, SR3 smart robot suitcase can accompany to you anywhere you want and surely you will get much attention on the road.

intelligent auto-following suitcase

It is the following features that leave users deep impression. With mode of auto-follow, you can either let Airwheel SR3 self-driving luggage follow you anywhere or ask it go wherever you want. After liberating your hands, you can do other things and save your time. In addition, during the journey, there is no need to worry the mobile or iPad blackout halfway, as the removable lithium-ion battery can charge your mobile phone, Pad and other electronics. Also, it is complying with airline boarding requirements and is able to provide 5km range. Its TSA002 password lock is in line with global customs standards, making customs clearance quick and easy.

intelligent self-driving suitcase

Airwheel SR3 auto-follow suitcase is able to travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects and release alarm when it’s separated from the user. The customized mobile app allows users to control and monitor the real-time data. Smart, safe, stylish and practical, Airwheel SR3 becomes a good helper.

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