Airwheel Smart MarsRover Brings More Happiness to Users

Airwheel is an innovative and energetic enterprise. It has rolled out several series of electric scooters in recent years. The Airwheel models are more and can satisfy more users’ needs.

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Airwheel has played an important role in scooter-making market. It is an innovative and energetic enterprise. And it has launched several series of intelligent electric scooters in recent years: electric unicycles, double-wheels electric scooters and sitting-posture electric scooters. As Airwheel products are more, the quality of them are better. They can satisfy all kinds of users’ needs. This paper is aimed to explain each Airwheel model to users.


2-wheeled electric scooters

Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooters appear more hi-end than the former models. They are equipped joysticks, and the two smart chipshelp them more intelligent, like the Airwheel S3, S5 and Z series of foldable electric scooter.


Sitting-posture electric scooters

Different from other models, sitting-design in Airwheel A3 is firstly added to electric scooters. The hydraulic suspension and electronic brake system make riders’ trips on A3 more comfortable and safer. At the same time, phones can be connected to A3 via APP. After downloading the APP, users can monitor data of A3 at any time during riding. Later the Airwheel S6 and in 2016 S8 electric self-balancing scooter with seat were rolled out to meet more different riders’ demands, featured by dual ride modes, either by standing or sitting posture.


Smart e bikes

Airwheel electric bikes are so fashionable and agile that they are the most popular among all models. Because of the foldable structure, it takes users less space to store, Airwheel portable electric bikes have been built in self-balancing system inside. Its App realizes fault self-diagnosis and setting speed, except the basic functions like positioning and data checking etc. Left-right design saddle is to gain balanced force and good ventilation.


Intelligent helmet

C5 is a versatile helmet, item weight only 425g, featured by 2k camera to records every splendid moment in riding, microphone to guarantee a clear call during ride and Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music and so on.

If they’re tired of sitting on Airwheel electric scooters, they can try the new electric moped bike R5. If users want to do more interesting things, they can wear Airwheel C5. Anyway, Airwheel intelligent electric scooters bring more products and happiness to users.

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