Airwheel smart electric pocket bike help people enjoy low-carbon travel

Many people prefer staying at home playing games or watching TVs. But the appearance of Airwheel electric scooters can help people solve the travelling problems. They not only can give users a low-carbon travel, but also help them be cool people.

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Many citizens don’t like to go out nowadays. It always makes them feel so troublesome to choose a good transport tool to travel. Now Airwheel electric scooter can help citizens solve this problem. They bring users a green way of travel. At the same time, Airwheel help users be cooler and more fashionable on the streets. The application of branded lithium battery ensures stable performances and improves security, keeping away from explosion or electric leakage while at the same time, causing zero-emission and providing best riding experience.

Airwheel electric scooter 

Comparatively speaking, Airwheel one wheel scooters are lighter and occupy less space. So they are more convenient. Boys will love Airwheel electric one wheels as they can do much more stunts on the single-wheeled scooters. Although they have one-wheeled structure, it can ensure users’ safety for there are three protections in Airwheel: speed limit protection, low battery protection and tilting protection. Girls will love Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooters so much, like S8, Z5 and E3 etc.

Airwheel electric scooter 

Take E3 backpack e bike for example. At first, it is easier to master Airwheel for girls. And the beautiful figure and small size also attract many girls. Secondly, the high-quality material decides high-quality product. Multiple folding system of E3 is to provide riders a brand-new riding experience. The folding size is 474*399*374mm, as small as a backpack. With 12.5kg item weight, Airwheel E3 can be stored in the office, car trunk and home easily. What’s more, its 11.1KG body can bear 100KG load, a remarkable combination of structure and material.

Airwheel electric one wheels 

Besides the vehicles, there is a kind of smart helmet—C5. C5 is a versatile helmet. 2k camera, combined with 150°FOV records every splendid moment in riding. Riders can capture the splendid moment or record the whole process either via the shortcut buttons in both sides or via the mobile App. Users can have a good time with Airwheel.

They are so convenient and eco-friendly. They bring users a new and fashionable lifestyle.

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