Airwheel Shows Up At 2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)

People visit Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Hong Kong, April 13, 2017. This is the Spring Edition, in the Convention and Exhibition Centre. Airwheel shows up at 2017 HK Electronics Fair with its latest achievements at the booth 3F D34&D36, Hall 3.

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It is roughly estimated that about thousands of exhibitors and visitors warm into this HK Electronics Fair to experience and witness the latest electronic production. The worldwide famous electronics firms, including Airwheel, are expected to arrive this fair. Airwheel electric hoverboard claimed to bring its smart product to this international fair.

Airwheel unveiled its new products in 2017 HK Electronics Fair

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Airwheel unveiled its new products in 2017 HK Electronics Fair, like R3, intelligent helmets C6 & C8 and Z8 as well as the popular ones. It offers an opportunity to experience Airwheel latest products to the visitors. A good many noted electronics firms release wearable devices. Earlier in 2017, Airwheel pushed out another two auxiliary devices, i.e. C6 & C8. The intelligent helmets cannot merely protect the rider from hurt but also the rider can listen to music, answer phones and more importantly take photos.

Seen from the sales volumes, the R series and Z series have gained success in the past 2016. Strike while the iron is hot. New models R3 electric assist bike and Z8 are added to them, with new designs. Z8 can be said to be the lightest one with 6.5kg, more compact and portable than others. R3 citizen e bike enjoys three different ride modes, man-powered mode, pure electricity mode and power-assisted mode, making the travel more convenient and funnier.

Airwheel mini electric scooter

We live in an age of seamless connectivity. For most of us, it is hard to imagine not being in constant touch with family, friends, work, information and entertainment — whenever we want to, wherever we are. And at Airwheel, we are finding more and better ways to make your electric scooter an integral part of it all. Airwheel mars rover designed mobile app literally makes your vehicle an extension of your mobile device — letting you do everything from remotely starting the motor and unlocking it, to sending trip routes and customizing your Wi-Fi settings.

Airwheel smart electric wheelchair

Airwheel smart electric wheelchair

Airwheel new arrivals, especially the smart wheelchairs show up at 2017 HK Electronics Fair from 13 to 16 April.

Come and learn more at the booth 3F D34&D36, Hall 3.



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