Airwheel S8 sit and stand Electric Walkcar in the Enjoyable Season

May is the season belonging to spring which is always warm and sunny. As a result, people are willing to go outside to enjoy the sun and good season. Airwheel S8 is the suitable transport for people to travel out.

Spring is coming and the weather is the becoming warmer and warmer, people always choose to go outside to enjoy the sunny day. People are always looking forward to a convenient and fast transport to free their soul and themselves. Airwheel S8 is the sitting-posture electric scooter which can be ridden via sitting posture or standing posture as the rider wish. The height of the saddle can be adjusted so rider can change the height of the saddle to fit them. If riders feel tired after a long time sitting, they can just decrease the height to stand on the pedal.

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To load the riders well, the operating bar of the saddle is shaped as letter C, so rider can operate Airwheel S8 more accurately when standing. So riders who are overweight can also ride the double-wheels skateboard electric easily without worrying about the broken of saddle. Besides, the tyre of Airwheel S8 is of large size, which is 10-inch-wide which can adjust to different terrains no matter it is rocky path or wide road since wide and large tyre can catch the road more tightly.

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Many customers appreciate the beautiful and concise appearance of the saddle-equipped scooter since they think it is fashionable and is of minimalism style. They believe the appearance is cools and charming which can prove that they are fashionable and cool. Besides, the motor of Airwheel S8 is powerful which can be of fast speed with low noise. It also makes the use of imported battery which is of long cursing life and it is quick to be charged fully.

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With Airwheel S8, riders do not worry about the traffic jam any more since they can avoid the traffic jam. Besides, they also love the design of the changeable height of the saddle since they can choose sitting or standing as they wish. With the electric scooter, people loves May since they can travel around enjoyably and freely without the trouble of long time ling up and heavy traffic jam.

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