Airwheel S8 Leg control balance scooter exactly knows what young people want

The theme of Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter is “Play with interest”. Safety first is still the principle. Further to say, the joyous and interesting riding experience that S8 gives users is the goal we are seeking. Youngsters are apt to play interesting gadgets out of curiosity. No one knows this than Airwheel so with this belief, S8 electric walkcar comes out.

Based on the second intelligent self-balancing scooter’s technical platform, Airwheel S8 succeeded in solving the problems existing in the first generation scooters, especially the utility and security issues. More importantly, Airwheel insists to develop each product by obeying the most stringent international standards.

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The double-wheels hoverboard is mainly controlled by the body. Riders can go forward, backward or veer directions by slightly changing the gravity of their bodies. S8 two wheels electric walkcar rewrites the algorithm, adds the pressure sensor system and upgrades the two axes drives into three axes drives with four directions. Same to S6, S8 owns two riding postures, namely standing and sitting.

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Whether it is indoor playing or outdoor driving, S8 intelligent power scooter can stably go through them with the 10-inch tubeless and explosion proof tires. The whole skeleton of S8 two wheels saddle-equipped scooter, made of aluminum magnesium alloy, adopts the aviation standards and combines the curve design concept so it performs excellent in bearing impact load ability. The embedded LED headlight can facilitate riders to see clearly in dark environment. What’s more, the smart sensors LED taillight can be light up automatically when riders change directions to alarm the vehicles or pedestrians behind it.
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The most harmonious relationship between riders and S8 electric scooter with seat are reflected in the natural rubber cushion with the superb material, 50mm’s available range of adjustable operating rod and the lifting handle ahead of the cushion. Additionally, riders can interact with this electric scooter by app. Functions like real-time positioning, riding data checking, and trouble shooting, personal settings, intelligent rate-limiting and social contact can be realized via the app.
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All in all, Airwheel S8 electric walkcar has done its utmost to optimize each detail. After riding Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped scooter, you will find it very interesting.

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