Airwheel R8 Smart Electric Mountain Bike with Triangle Frame Grants Users with Multiple Ride Modes

Airwheel has brought out quite a few excellent products since its foundation. In June 2017, Airwheel unveiled a new member— R8 smart electric bike, the fourth model in R series. The advent of it has been well responded by people who are interested.

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Airwheel never lets his customers down, with no exception for R8 electric mountain bike. A few days ago, Airwheel unpacked an R8 and showed contents in it, which satisfied current and potential users a lot. So what new functions or features does Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter possess? It has a triangle frame formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminium alloy casting to lock the joint, firm and crush resistance. Moreover, R8 is equipped with unique 26-inch large wheel hubs, through which high quality is assured. Besides, tread pattern and tire width are specially designed for outdoor cross-country, which allows R8 to negotiate all types of terrains such as desert, mountainous areas and Gobi zones.

R8 is a hybrid bike with three ride modes. In electricity-assisted mode, riders need to sit on the saddle and step on the pedals one foot by one foot. When riders are ready to ride it, they can push the accelerator in the right handle to accelerate. In man-powered mode, people are required to set right the head, fold kickstand and fasten frame. Step on the pedals one foot by one foot. Rides can pedal it to go forward. In power-assisted mode, riders should turn on the power switch. Power sensor can sense the rotation, and then give signal to the controller when the riding ring exceeds three rings, so that power-assisted mode is activated. According to different riders’ force, the level of power assistance of Airwheel R8 changes. When braking, it is out of power-assisted mode. If pedals reverse, it will realize a faster exit of power-assisted mode. The power-assisted mode is to make riding easier.

R8 Smart Triangle Electric Bike is multifunctional. On workdays, it is an excellent commute transport. After work, it is a convenient transport for covering daily travels. In leisure time, it is also a perfect tool for exercising and trip. When people don’ need it, they can fold it and put anywhere in the house. Gradually, the life quality in big city will be largely improved.

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