Airwheel R6 Smart Electric Assist Bicycle Is A New Choice

There is no doubt that the fashionable clothes and accessories are very important in becoming a trendsetter. However, that’s far not enough now. Riding Airwheel R6 electric folding bike, you will catch everyone’s eyes in the street.

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People in various age groups follow the newest fashion and blogs’ renewal, know the latest electronic products well and try their best to avoid falling behind. They are passionate, curious and energetic. Most of them love to chase the trend and dream to become a trendsetter. Here, a new, cool and eco-friendly transport is also the hottest item, like Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycle to help you become the spotlight in the street.

Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycle

First of all, riding Airwheel R6 pedal assist bike is a cool thing itself highlighting by the automatic folding system that allows rider to fold or unfold it by pushing one button. What makes riders ride R6 stably and safely? It can be analyzed from the aspect of humanized designs, like the smart mobile App. Also, the unique riding mode can surely attract everybody’s attention in the street. Coupled with wheel hub, it retains the chain gear of traditional bicycles. So naturally riders can have three modes: fitness mode, electric mode and moped mode. The fitness mode is same to common bicycle and riding under this mode is helpful for strengthening body; electric mode, driven completely by power, can save much energy of riders to leave more time to enjoy; moped mode is comparatively flexible and warmly welcomed since it is installed with sensor technology. Through the automatic induction on the force of foot, it can output suitable force to assist riding.

Riding Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycle

Riding Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycleis a cool thing because it is environmental protection. Being cool and trendy does not only mean to wear fashionable clothes. The more important point to be cool is to care about the earth and think of the descendants. As R6 is powered by electricity, it never consumes non-renewable resources like coal and oil. Besides, it doesn’t release tail-gas, which is good for the air protection. To sum up, with three riding modes available, Airwheel R6 electric assist bike greatly facilitates people’s travel and make you become a trendsetter.

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