Airwheel R5 Smart Electric Assist Bicycle Pays Special Attention to Riding Experience

One of the most outstanding features of Airwheel R5 electric assist bike must be rich riding modes. Generally speaking, there are three main riding modes, including exercising mode, electricity-powered mode and electricity-assisted mode. Riders always can get the most comfortable riding experience, which is the great charm of R5.

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Whether a transport is successful or not lies in the riding experience. What does it mean? Briefly speaking, a good transport must offer excellent riding experience for people. Among current market, Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is deserved to be called the good transport. In order to satisfy different requirements, it has three riding modes, which are exercising mode, electricity-powered mode and electricity-assisted mode, which really make riding life wonderful. It is why the consumer base of R5 is enlarging within very short time.

Here is the detailed introduction on three main riding modes. The exercising mode comes very first, which is similar to riding a common bike. It is well known that bicycling is a great aerobic exercise. On workdays, if people are busy in their work and have no time to exercise, riding Airwheel R5 electric moped bike to cover commute journey must be a good idea.

Airwheel R5 electric moped bike 

When it comes to electricity-powered mode, it is the most relaxing mode for riders. The driving force completely comes from lithium-ion battery. Compared with ordinary batteries, it owns longer service life, higher safety and stronger power. Usually, it is the favorite mode of the elderly and girls. Speaking of electricity-assisted mode, the power of R5 comes from join forces of lithium-ion battery and physical strength. Meanwhile, the intensity of these two forces can be adjusted.

Airwheel R5 electric assist bike 

Rich riding modes have several advantages. First of all, they can satisfy different needs of people. Gradually, people will love the feeling on road. Then, they are also good to expand consumer base. After all, big consumer base will help Airwheel R5 electric assist bike to win in the fierce market competition.

In addition, it represents the future travel mainstream. Among transport market, R5 must be a successful works. The main reason of R5’s success is because it pays special attention to riding experience. All in all, the need of consumers always comes first.

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