Airwheel Launched the Model In R Series – R8 Electric Mountain Bike

If there is a plaything that is cool, fashionable and interesting, those people may be lured out of room and to challenge the hot or cold weather. Airwheel R8, a type of electric bike, has such a charm.

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In summer, many people become lazy and they prefer to stay at air-conditioning room, which will have side effect on their health. Actually, the main reason that they are reluctant to go out is not because of hot or cold weather, but because of no fascination. If there is a plaything that is cool, fashionable and interesting, people may be lured out of room and to challenge the weather. Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter has such a charm.
Airwheel R8
Cool and fashionable appearance of Airwheel R8 comes very first. It is quite classic and tasteful. The workmanship of R8 triangle frame electric bike is very delicate and the aluminum alloy triangle frame is an innovative design. The label of Airwheel is printed on the right side of R8 strikingly. It is also equipped with 26-inch tire, which makes its figure more charming. Meanwhile, large-size tire has stronger adaptability to different road conditions and also gives rider higher safety.
Airwheel R8
Powerful performance of Airwheel R8 attracts many people, especially young people. Relying on three ride modes: man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted modes, R8 lightweight trekking bike is to give riders totally different riding experience. For example, riders can control the speed and range by altering different ride modes freely. The imported lithium-ion battery provides strong power and Airwheel R8 has the 247.9WH battery capacity. According to test, it only takes the 3h to be fully charged. The range of R8 triangle electric bike is very considerable. If you choose the power-assisted mode, riders can enjoy the long enough range.
Airwheel R8
Then, what Airwheel R8 Smart Triangle Electric Bike can be used for? Actually, it can be applied to many different occasions, such as sightseeing, taking exercise in the park, going shopping, attending a party or going to library. People can ride it to anywhere. To know more about the fourth model in R series, please visit its website.

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