Airwheel Launched C5 Intelligent bike Helmet For Photographer Friend

Very glad to welcome you to our Airwheel holiday gift guide-series smart helmet. We rolls out this smart helmet leading up to Christmas, hopefully making your holiday shopping a little earlier.

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Photography is a habit that tends to attract passionate people who are very particular about their gear. Tech can help shutterbugs indeed. The helmet listed here is tried and tested by actual photographers. Hopefully Airwheel C5 smart helmet will give a wonderful holiday shooting time. 

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet’s durability, security, and smooth operation are unparalleled. It is all about agility, reducing stress on the photographer. It gives you just enough freedom of movement of your head since it is designed with a certain range of adjustment for people with different head girts. Weighing only 440kg, it is hard to refuse this portable advantage. After wearing it, the top of the head and the back side of the head are reserved with exhaustion outlets for dissipating head.


C5 intelligent helmet for road safety gives you the most comfortable and secure way to both riding and shooting. Integrated with high definition sports camera, it can take pictures when you are moving only by pushing the button on the helmet. Equipped with MSC8328 duel core CPU technology, it has exceptional performance in capturing dynamic things. The 2K resolution ratio’s camera is located in the very front of C5 and its shooting sight is in the same level of human’s viewing angle so you can gain what you see.


Additionally, owing to the inside Bluetooth module, it can pick up phone calls automatically. While when the Bluetooth earphones are opened, C5 color intelligent bike helmet can play music stored in the file of your smart phone automatically. What’s more, if you want to upload the images or videos you shoot into the social media network, it can be realized through connecting the Wi-Fi. In this way, your friends or other people can scan them too. Maybe this is a big pleasure for sharing good things with others. No other helmet offers this level of comfort and protection for your gear.

Of course, if you are not a photographer, you can have one for a try as a gift for yourself.

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