Airwheel Introduces Self-balancing Intelligent Electric Motorcycles For Short Trip Use In Tivoli

A trip to Rome is not complete without a day trip to Tivoli. During the trip, it’s very handy to carry with an Airwheel electric device. Rolling on it, you can admire more beautiful sceneries.

Tivoli is a poetic city in Italy. You can get to Tivoli in about half an hour by taking a train on Roma-Pescara Line from Rome’s Tiburtina station, then catching a shuttle bus to the popular tourist attractions of Villa d’ Este and the Gardens and Waterworks. With a self-balancing electric scooter, you can have the perfect opportunity to experience Renaissance architecture and Italian Renaissance gardens.

Airwheel X3 single-wheeled self-balancing scooter

If you think a trip to The Gardens and Waterworks means you’ll be meandering through gorgeous flower gardens. However, what this place provides you is more than that. At the Gardens and Waterworks, you’ll find about 500 fountains constructed using Renaissance plumbing. Don’t be shocked by the number 500. Since you have equipped with the intelligent motorized scooter, you will not feel tired. Plus the scooter is usually able to roll to 23 kilometers.

There is an exclusive App to connect with the user’s phone. Via the phone, you can know all data information about the vehicle’s condition. At the same time, riding scooter can save some time allowing you to admire more landscapes. Those views can take you back in time to satisfy your thirst for history.

One thing you must know about your one-wheeled electric scooter is that it’s not light enough to allow you carry it when you don’t want to ride it. Additionally, it’s only suitable for short distance. So it’s better to store it in the car trunk when you need go a far destination. The main help it gives to you is to relieve the fatigue brought by long-time walking. Another benefit is to save a lot to admire more fountains.

Airwheel X3 and X8 single-wheeled electric scooters

Watching the water dancing in a graceful pose is one of the joys of life. Meanwhile, rolling the scooter heads to another fountain to feel a different beauty offered by these fountains. When seeing such beauty from water, all worries or unhappiness will go away. The attitude of life should be the same as the fountain.

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