Airwheel H3S Smart Power Folding Scooter The Personal Transport For The Old

In addition to the recent C series and R series, Airwheel has introduced the H series—Smart chair. The main difference from previous products is that its targeted consumer is the old. The easy operation and thoughtful designs make it more popular.

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Airwheel H3S Lightweight Folding Power Chair with uncompromising attention to detail, high-quality materials and fashion design, makes riders enjoy a free intelligent life. First of all, let’s look at the unique design. Airwheel H3S power chair has light and extraordinary aluminum alloy frame, with the feature of anti-scratch. Its saddle made of double honeycomb mesh breathable material, is wear-proof and durable. Also, its pedals are made of frosted materials with three different heights and any riders can find the most comfortable riding experience. The longer you sit, the more comfortable you feel, as it is applying the principle of human body engineering, so as to let the rider enjoy comfortable seats.

Airwheel H3S walkers

Airwheel H3S Folding Electric Wheelchair installs a flexible joystick controller to realize all the controls. To go forward or turn directions, riders just need to push the joystick controller forward and corresponding directions, which is super easy to ride and anyone can sit on it and go. Also, there is a headlight under the joystick controller and riders can ride it at night if necessary.


H3S power wheelchair markets are poised to create the ability for people to get more exercise and impact the healthcare delivery industry. By encouraging mobility of people who were previously bed ridden, the quality of life rises significantly. Wheelchairs impact care delivery, permitting the patient to control mobility for the rehabilitation efforts. Power wheel chairs give patients the ability to control movement.

Airwheel H3S Walking Stick

As the advanced Electric Wheelchair, it has a smartphone app, which help you learn the real—time data, including velocity, temperature, the amount of electricity and mileage. The rear gear motor with dual drive provides powerful kinetic energy. Moreover, it introduces the automatic folding systems making it easy to store and carry. Riders can push the fold button on the joystick controller and get a manageable size and push the unfold button to make it ready for you to ride. Enjoy the fall weather and beautiful outdoor views with the Airwheel H3S Medical Equipment.

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