Airwheel H3S Health Care Wheelchairs Rises Riding Comfort to another Level

Airwheel H3S Mobility Scooters is a new era in power mobility. It’s social mobility. Whether at home, or on the town, the unique appeal of H3S Smart chair will elevate your independence and social confidence in style.

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A transport that offers high safety, comfortable riding experience and environmental protection is what riders want. For the physically inconvenienced people, Airwheel H3S Lightweight Folding Power Chair comes in hand. H3S is made out of a lightweight solid magnesium aluminum alloy material to accommodate almost anyone. It is perfect for larger individuals to ride comfortably and is perfect to maneuver at all types of terrains while holding its maximum weight capacity.
Airwheel H3S
Airwheel H3S Electric Wheelchairs is a very portable travel wheelchair that can be folded/dismantled easily for easy transport due to the innovative automatic folding system. An on the go H3S that is perfect for travel in any place you want to go; to the mall, work, park, or on vacation. It is not just easy to fold/dismantle but also easy to assemble. With the automatic folding system, it can be folded by pushing on button making it convenient to store.
Airwheel H3S
Nowadays, too many automobile exhausts are discharged in the air, which directly harm people’s health. Meanwhile, the serious traffic jam in rush hours makes too many people crazy. Many say that they almost forget how to enjoy life. In order to solve these problems, H3S has done great job. H3S smart wheelchair is driven by lithium-ion battery and thus it is also environmental-friendly. Also, it gives people two riding modes either powered by electricity or processed by man labor and comfortable riding experience.

Airwheel H3S
Airwheel H3S is a durable and a versatile power wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use. It also comes with a fully programmable integral joystick/controller, without any learning cost. In the early morning, the senior citizens can ride it to park and workers can ride it to go to work. After supper, many people ride it to walk their dogs on road. Its performance, riding experience and range never loses out to others at all. It often appears on many different occasions, such as street, park or even office. Yes, H3S is a stunner.

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