Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair lays emphasis on the real riding experience

For most of the scooters in the market, most people would like to buy one by which they can gain good using experience. The range of Airwheel H3 can meet up the daily requirement for the people who have difficulty in walking.

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Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter can be divided into three types: single wheel scooter, twin wheel scooter and two-wheeled scooter. According to their own requirements and favors, consumers can choose the type of electric scooter they like and just hit the road. These three types of models are all designed in the principle of dynamic stability. Now, with the join of Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair, it has the fourth type—four wheeled electric bikes.

After carefully checking the design and configuration, riders will feel extremely excited. Whether it is the dimension “995mm×1020mm×630mm” or the weight “30.5kg”, H3 is portable. In terms of its appearance, H3 automatic electric wheelchair is designed with the black color as well as the emerald green and LOGO. The black handrails have special pattern design.

Apart from the exterior appearance, H3 Electric Wheelchairs has lots of merits. First of all, it firstly introduces the automatic folding system with one button to collapse it. Portable package design is easy to solve travel problems. Then, the rear gear motor with dual drive provides powerful kinetic energy. Also, large wheels make travel smooth and safe. And the Omni-directional wheel design makes the operation is more flexible with 360°steering. Although it is the tiny design, we can see Airwheel truly pays more attention on the comfortable riding.

Next is its smartness. H3 uses mobile phone which exists in everyone’s daily life to show its riding condition. The inside wireless Bluetooth can connect H3 by the special riding APP. Riders can see the speed, miles and power usage and also can use it to do simple malfunction and daily maintain.

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WIFI transmission is another powerful function and it can connect the network hot spot in the phone or other devices and riders can share your riding process and experience to network platforms. It is a link between riders and outside world. Now here is the conclusion: Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair is definitely an excellent product with superior using and riding experience.

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