Airwheel E6 Smart Folding Electric Bike, the Best Commute Transport for Office Workers

Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike is a portable travel transport and is selected by many office workers as their commute transport. The folded size is just 950*456*160mm, which perfectly solves the parking problem. After all, the parking space is so tense in big city. What is more, E3 offers office workers comfortable, stable and safe riding.

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Many office workers share the same troubles, such as congested traffic, difficult journey or difficult parking on workdays and so on. They get up early in the morning, get home late after work and spend too much time on road. Therefore, many people start to complain life, especially in big city. Now, there is a thing that can help them out and it is Airwheel E6 backpack electric bike. It is highly praised as the blessing to office workers.

Airwheel E6 foldable E bike

Airwheel E6 foldable E bike is powered by 247.9Wh lithium-ion battery that is replaceable. On the one hand, riding becomes effortless and the journey to work is much more relaxing, which is  helpful to improve work efficiency. On the other hand, the battery can be replaced if it runs out on the halfway, which is suitable for long-distance commute. The battery has another innovative function. It is able to charge some electronic devices, like cell phone, camera or MP3, which benefits from the built-in USB port.

In the meantime, E6 successfully solves the problem of difficult parking. Based on multiple folding system, the folded figure is just 950*456*160mm. When people get to office, they can put it in the wall corner or under desk. The equipped ergonomic saddle is another highlight. The breathable rubber and separated design plan pave the way for comfortable riding experience.

The unfolded Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is much smaller and thinner than ordinary bikes. It can pass through narrow corridors easily. Therefore, whether traffic jam or crowds, it can’t stop E6 from moving forward. According to the survey, Airwheel E6 electric folding bike will save office workers as much as 400% time from commute. In addition, the equipped EBS brake system offers safe and precise brake, which fully ensures riding safety. Above all, E6 is worthy of the best commute transport for people.

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