Airwheel E6 Intelligent electric road bike Brings People More Pleasure Than Entertainment

Since Airwheel e-bike E6 was launched, it won a large group of E6-lovers, besides the concise appearance, creative function and special design, E6 brings people more pleasure on the road, that is to say, you are not alone with the companion of it. Here we will share a love story about Airwheel E6.

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April 30th may be an ordinary day for most people, but for Celine and Jack, is the important moment – their wedding ceremony day! Of course, the most exciting section is lottery draw for guests at present, when the first prize was announced, all the people screamed, yes, it is a new Airwheel e bike E6. “We choose it not only for the value of itself, but also the significant role it played in our life.” the bridegroom shared the love story with the guests.

Airwheel E6 foldable e bike

Jack is a computer programmer, his daily life seems almost the same – writing code, writing code and writing code. One day he saw Airwheel E6 foldable e bike by chance, just because of that glance, he found his favorite “life assistant”, gradually, he loves going out and joins like-minded friends via Airwheel app, “until one day I saw Celine in that group of people, I know Airwheel changes my life thoroughly,” said Jack. Obviously, Celine is a loyal fan of Airwheel, besides one key to fold E6, she also has the amazing smart helmet C5, as Jack said, she seems more professional.

Airwheel electric bike E6

When it comes to the reason why they choose Airwheel E6 among the similar products, they first mentioned the quality, not only in the aspects of the light and hard material for the whole vehicle, but also the quick-charge battery with longer service life, Airwheel electric bike E6 ensures riders security all-around. The next is the creative design which makes a deep impression on the public, besides the function of one key to fold main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals and easy to be taken upstairs or carried into buses, subways and trains, or real-time positioning, riding data checking, personal setting, alarm system, another highlight is the design of high efficient USB port, the humanized design makes everything possible, such as charge devices.

“It’s Airwheel smart electric bicycle E6 brings us happy marriage, so we hope it brings others more unexpected surprises!”

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