Airwheel C8 Smart Helmet for Racing Car Makes Cross-Country Motorcycling Enjoyable

Airwheel C8 intelligent helmet is designed for motorcycling. It is made from high-quality materials. From inside to outside, they are strong plastic ABS, America imported foaming EPS and high-quality removable cotton lining, which ensure great protection and comfortable wearing experience. Besides, C8 can play music and answer a call during motorcycling.

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Under heavy pressure from life and work, cross-country motorcycling in leisure time is an excellent way of relaxing. However, some protection measures are very important and a helmet is a must. Airwheel C8 full face helmet is the best choice and it will make cross-country motorcycling safe and enjoyable. Its external shell is made from strong plastic ABS and meanwhile it has been through several stressing tests, like extrusion, impact and high temperature, which ensure the maximum protection for head. In the middle part of helmet adopts America imported foaming EPS and the lining is high-quality removable. Based on all-in-one craftsmanship, the 3D modeling will perfectly match riders’ head. In short, C8 not only protects the head, but also makes it comfortable.

Airwheel C8

However, it is never the only function of Airwheel C8 smart helmets to ensure the safe cross-country motorcycling. It offers great shooting performance. The equipped high-quality and precise lens will restore every wonderful moment clearly and vividly. The maximum internal storage is 128G and thus people can take as many pictures and videos as they want. The 120-degree view-shed of camera lets people capture pictures or videos in many different angles.

Airwheel C8

Even if people are riding motorcycling in the open air, they can shoot anytime, for the operation is very simple: one click of the shooting button. Galloping on the open filed, people may hope for some music. Don’t worry! C8 can help them. They can wear the headphones and enjoy music. They don’t need to worry about safety, for the equipped Bluetooth speaker enables them to hear the external sound.

Airwheel C8

In addition, riders also can answer a call at will in the course of motorcycling, for the one key to answer phone will free two hands. After people end up cross-country motorcycling, what Airwheel C8 racing helmet can do for people? It can be a monitor to protect the house security, for it supports non-net video.

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