Airwheel C6 & C8 Sport smart Helmets Reinforce the Status of Wearable Equipment

In order to keep pace with the time, Airwheel felt obliged to see about R & D concerning wearable equipment. In 2016, Airwheel revealed its intention of developing new wearable equipment complementary to Airwheel electric scooter—C series of smart helmets. At the beginning of 2017, Airwheel unveiled another two wearable equipment, C6 and C8.

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Currently, the wearable equipment is on a rise in the current market for electronic product. From the day when Iwatch was disclosed to the public, more and more firms that specialising in electronic product embarked on wearable equipment. At the beginning of 2017, Airwheel unveiled another two wearable equipment, C6 and C8 smart helmets. The two helmets are extraordinary because of its integration of practical purpose and recreational functions.

Airwheel smart helmets

Safety is the pre-condition of riding any vehicle. Without protection, the fun and happiness will be put a dent in. Like other helmets, Airwheel C6 & C8 intelligent helmets are to protect the riders from hurt. They are made of strong plastic ABS, and have passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature to give rider maximum protection. Moreover, C6 open face helmet is equipped with a caution light. When the lighting is insufficient, the caution light in the rear of C6 will keep flashing to remind the rear vehicle and pedestrian. Even though C8 is a full face helmet, the grooves in the upper and lower air outlets collect airflow to stabilize the cap body.

Airwheel C6

Other than that, C6 and C8 smart helmets meet riders’ recreational demands. Its amazing recreational functions lie in playing music, video and wireless Bluetooth. With wireless Bluetooth, the rider can answer the call off-hands. Wearing Airwheel C6 cool motorcycle helmet or C8 racing helmet, the rider does not need to whip out his mobile phone during the ride. This will add to convenience and safety. For some energetic youngsters who like music, they could opt for riding with listening to music. Its high quality lens design is able to present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance, recording every moment of your journey.

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In a word, AirwheelC6 and C8 intelligent helmets will add more spice to the ride of any vehicle.

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