Airwheel C5 smart sport helmet with camera Makes People to Consider Helmet in a New Fashion

When traditional gadgets are rebuilt with technological elements, they can be more versatile and multi-functional. Airwheel intelligent helmet is the best example. It makes people to view helmet in a new fashion.

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When mobile phones first enter daily life, they only have a single function of making phone calls. But now, smart phones are able to function as camera, pedometer, FM receiver, music player and so on. It is hard to believe that once it is a single-purpose device. Technology always make the tools more versatile. The process goes the same for helmet. Now, smart helmet, like Airwheel C5, has integrated many electronic components and gives new definition to helmet.

smart helmet

Helmet is always a necessity in riding or other sports games. Airwheel intelligent helmet C5, provides more functions than mere head protection. Owning a C5 will make one ponder how they have “survived” with a single-function helmet. C5 can fit into daily life, as many people ride everyday. It has adopted with superior materials which have excellent crush resistance. It is still a reliable safeguard on the road.

Airwheel intelligent helmet C5

When people go on vacations, they can record the beautiful scenery with C5. It has a built-in HD camera lens. There is no longer any need to stop to take pictures with digital cameras or phones. But when they wear a gopro helmet C5, they can see their own memories, through their own eyes. Since the camera lens is integrated right above the eyes, what people see can be straightly recorded by C5. It’s one thing to see images of an experience that one had, but it’s anther thing to have the experience of the experience. When people wear an intelligent helmet to record and when they see the recorded videos or pictures, they can feel like they were in that situation again.

As a Bluetooth Helmet, C5 can be connected to smart phones via Bluetooth and thus allowing many more functions, like playing music and answering phone calls. A speaker and headset have been built within to ensure that users can have a clear call and enjoy music, as well as hear the external sound. Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets is a smart helmet that can do more than regular helmets.

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