Airwheel C5 Smart Gopro helmet with action camera provides adequate protection and fresh using experience to riders

Airwheel C5 smart gopro helmet provides adequate protection to you, gives you a cool and fresh using experience and spices up your journey with its multipurpose use.

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Of excellent design, Airwheel C5 gopro helmet is competent enough to accompany you when doing sports. It provides adequate protection to you, gives you a cool and fresh using experience and spices up your journey with its multipurpose use. 

Airwheel C5 gopro helmet

Tough and crush-resistant, C5 intelligent helmet can safeguard you in extreme environment. With the application of the integrated molding technology, C5 is outstandingly strong and tough to withstand impacts. Selecting first-rate materials, it can protect your head effectively. Adhering to related standards of CPSC, the helmet is equivalent in crush-resistance with Nokia. Made of polycarbonate, it weighs only 425g, reaching the golden ratio between weight and safety. With a working temperature range of -20~50℃, C5 can shield you from dangers under harsher environment. Putting a C5 helmet on your head, you can play more heartily and safely.

C5 intelligent helmet

Airy and comfortable, C5 smart helmet lets you feel refreshed in the whole wearing process. It is a fact that 80% of the human body heat releases from the head, therefore, C5 improves natural air flow by virtue of its comprehensive ventilation system, which ensures the airing strength and breadth, so that you can feel cool and fresh in the whole wearing process. Furthermore, the applicable head girth of C5 is from 53cm to 63cm, and you can adjust it according to your own size, letting you feel comfortable all along.

Multifunctional and intelligent, Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet adds to the excitement of outdoor sports. Equipped with a built-in high-resolution camera, C5 lets you get splendid pictures and videos easily. As its battery range is 180 minutes and its maximum internal storage is 128G, C5 makes it possible for you to record the wonderful moments as many as you like. More than that, C5 enables you to transmit pictures and videos directly to all kinds of social media thanks to its built-in wifi modules. Just as important, you can use C5 to answer phone calls and to listen to music with the help of its denoiser microphone and high-quality Bluetooth speaker.

In summary, Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets will stand by you and make you merrier and safer.

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