Airwheel C5 Smart bike Helmet offers protection to head with some other great functions

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is a light spot among series of products. Just as its name implies, it is a helmet that offers protection to head. However, its function is more than that. It is like a camera and can take pictures or videos. It is also a music player and offers great music experience. Besides, it is a monitor and record real-time condition.

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Extreme sports are quite popular among young people. In these sports, some protective measures must be made, especially protecting the head. Here suggests a type of helmet-Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet, which is quite popular in recent. It gives the best protection to the head. More importantly, what C5 protects is more than head. It has many other functions. It acts as a camera and takes pictures or videos all the way. It is an excellent music player and offers perfect music experience. It is also a monitor and record what happens in the sports or other journeys. Above all, it is a big star in helmet market.

Airwheel C5

High-quality product always comes from high-quality material. Airwheel C5 smart helmet is made from first-class material, which owns outstanding intensity, toughness and shock resistance, but light weight. Then, the head will gain the best protection. It is well known that 80% head of body is discharged from head. C5 is equipped with good ventilation system, which adopts the designs of front air intake, middle ventilating slot, top streamline ventilation opening and back air outlet. Therefore, the head feels very comfortable.

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Besides good protection function, Airwheel C5 smart helmet enjoys many other prominent functions. In the very first place, it has a camera that is equipped with a high-definition lens and owns as big as 150-degree shooting angle. People can take pictures and videos at any time and any angles. Whatever conditions people are in, they can answer a call by a slight click on C5. At the same time, it has a Bluetooth sound box, which is compatible with most music players. In other words, people can enjoy the music anytime and anywhere. In addition, C5 is also a great monitor. In outdoor activity, it can monitor the whole journey and provide evidence if accident happens.

C6 motorcycle helmet

In addition, Airwheel brought its new products C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 racing helmets, F3 UAV to participate in the 2017 CES, these new products attracted a lot of consumers. These products also represent the future development trends of smart products.

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