Airwheel C5 Intelligent Bike Helmet Makes a Sport Shutterbug’s Dream Come True

For some shutterbugs, they dream to have a poly functional camera for being applied during a sport. Everything you want from a day in, day out camera can be found in Airwheel C5 smart helmet. That, along with the sensitivity, leads to an incredible amount of versatility.

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Airwheel has always brought welfare for folks. Except those awesome marsrovers, it has another cool equipment-C5 smart helmet. It, for some shutterbugs who love to shoot during a sport exercise, is really a good news. No matter where you go, this versatile helmet can help to record the momentous things for you with its high-definition sports camera. This is what you’ve ever imagined before.

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The sport camera, located at the top center of C5 helmet heads up display, has a ultra-wide view field so the photos or videos shot is almost same to the scene that we see by eyes. When we go back to see it, it is more real. Furthermore, it can record the pleasant experience and the maximum storage can be expanded as 128G. Meanwhile, it can last up to about three hours for continuously shooting. So go ahead with your sports and shooting without worries.

C5 helmet heads up display 

Picking up phone calls during a riding can be counted as a trouble thing because it is very dangerous to take out phones when you are moving. Now it’s C5 intelligent helmet’s turn. Equipped with high tone quality Bluetooth earphones with good wind-proof microphones, it can answer the call automatically through pushing the shortcut board. In this way, it won’t be an obstacle for proceeding riding and it is a guarantee of clear communication.

cool equipment-C5 smart helmet 

Except the multiple functions, Airwheel C5 smart bike helmet is comfortable enough to wear. By means of rotary fix system, good ventilation system consisting of front air intake, ventilation slot and top streamlined ventilation opening as well as the tail vertical exhaust hole, C5 color intelligent helmet provides a clear and dry space for wearing. It can be said that it is a premise.

With the above merits, whether you are climbing/conquering a mountain, cycling in special areas or doing other Extreme sports, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet can accompany you to go over it and give you an incredible visual feast. 

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