Airwheel C5 Bluetooth Smart bike Helmet is Like People’s Eyes

Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet gives the best protection to head in some outdoor activities, such as cross-country bicycling, sky diving or rock climbing and so on. What if people want to take down unforgettable moments? Maybe, the best way is to take pictures or videos via a camera. Now, C5 can replace role of camera or it is like people’s eyes.

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Nowadays, it seems as if taking pictures or videos has become a common habit in daily life. When people meet friends, they will take out cell phone and take photos together. When they come across some unforgettable moment, they will record it too. Sometimes, people may carry a digital camera and take photos in the open air specially.

However, there are some moments when people want to take pictures or videos but they can’t, for it is very dangerous. Take cross-country bicycling for example. Riders hope for keeping the beautiful scenery along the road, but it is really dangerous for them to as ride as take pictures. What if a helmet can realize that goal? Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet made it.

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet  

Based on high-quality material and advanced craftsmanship, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet enjoys better intensity, lighter weight and more comfortable wearing experience than ordinary ones. That is to say, it will give the best protection to head. However, it is more than a helmet, but also a camera.

The adopted high-definition lens is able to return the original scene. Meanwhile, the operation is very easy. For instance, when people are riding, they just need to click the button and pictures will be taken. Besides, it also applies to some other thrilling outdoor activities, like sky diving, rock climbing and skiing.

Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet 

Besides shooting function, Airwheel C5 smarthelmet has some other excellent functions. Answering a call comes very first. Even if people are in breathtaking sports, they can answer a call by pressing the button in C5 at will. In addition, people can have music anytime and anywhere as long as they are willing to wear C5. The equipped Bluetooth sound box offers perfect music experience, which will amuse the journey.

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All in all, C5 helmet camera is like people’s eyes and help them to remember unforgettable memories. It is also a music player and a call receiver.

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