Airwheel C Series Smart Helmets Show its Corporate Culture: Free Intelligent Life

Airwheel C series intelligent helmet was first rolled out on the CeBIT 2016 and on the CES 2017, two new models—C6 and C8 have been added to Airwheel C series. Airwheel C series show the corporate culture: free intelligent life.

As a brand centred in research and development and fast productization, Airwheel has a top-notch technical team and owns many innovation patents globally. Airwheel has great insight into market demands to move fast in order to lead users towards a smart future. It serves the public more promptly and delivers users with smart hardware products of better performance, quality, and affordability. Free intelligent life, Airwheel’s corporate culture can be found in Airwheel new product F3 drone with camera and C series of intelligent helmets.

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Airwheel wish the entire product could bring joy of life to every user. Airwheel C seriescan play music and offer the function of taking photos with the accompanying smart camera. Airwheel smart helmets conform to human body engineering that can adapt to different head forms and provide riders with more comfortable wearing experience. They are not only working effectively for image recording, but also are brilliant photographers that can produce many high-quality images for riders.

Airwheel smart helmets 

Creativity enables Airwheel to continually make technical breakthroughs and efficiently control economic cost, hence bringing ideas and concepts into mass production rapidly. Airwheel C6 and C8 motorcycle helmets provide more protection for the riders which accord with the international standards.

With more and more outdoor and extreme sport lovers, the emergence of Airwheel motorcycle helmets for sale come in time. In addition, the rear of the C6 cool motorcycle helmet is equipped with breathing light to give warning of the rear vehicles and pedestrian in darker environment or night riding.

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motorcycle helmet C6 and racing helmet C8 

Based on the head type database, C8 smart helmets realizes 3D modelling that can perfectly match the rider’s head. High density particles in one-time foam moulding enjoy higher hardness and stronger shock absorption to protect head comprehensively.

In a word, Airwheel intelligent helmets will become more and more popular with young riders as it changes the riding experience and makes riding a daily enjoyment.

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