Airwheel A6S Medical Equipment attracted great attention as soon as it showed up on the market

In 2017, several new models join the Airwheel’s big family and A6S is one of them. A6S Ability Medical attracted great attention as soon as it showed up on the market.

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Airwheel A6S Power and Manual wheelchair made its international debut in 2017. As the new products, a variety of breakthroughs made by Airwheel A6S usher in a new era of self-balancing vehicles and lay a solid foundation for latter models. Made from durable, lightweight aircraft quality aluminium making it extremely durable and able to hold up to 90kg, Airwheel A6S Scooters is compact, light and comfortable. One of the features is the innovative sitting-posture riding mode due to the ultra-wide saddle. It is a power-base rear wheel drive that features a unique suspension system and high-density seat that provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Tiredness never shows up even if riders ride a long time.

A6S mobility product is super easy to control by the change of gravity centre, as it adopts gyroscope system to control it to go forward and backward as well as an intelligent handlebar controller to control directions. Besides, A6S Manual Wheelchair enjoys great traffic ability. It features 14″ tires so you can easily roll over tough terrain. Equipped with dual motors that provide strong power with steady and continuous power output, A6S is capable of negotiating on slopes, sand and other road conditions as easily as riding on plain roads. Also, included are removable seat covers which allow for easy cleaning.

In addition, A6S self-balancing wheelchair installs LED display to show the real-time data. Combined with the App, you can enjoy a safe and care-free riding experience. The simple folding design allows for convenient storage and easy transport. It will easily fit in the trunk of most vehicles allowing you the freedom to do the things you enjoy. To conclude, Airwheel A6S Folding Power chair not only comes a blessing to those who are wheelchair-bound, but also can benefit the public and allows you to enjoy a free work style, keep sitting, as well as travel everywhere, and you can effectively do every job. It is one of the most convenient, innovative, and portable power wheelchairs on the market.

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