Airwheel A6S intelligent self-balancing wheelchair Is Positioned As A Medical Equipment

Airwheel A6S smart Mobility Scooter is not only designed for the disabled, but also the public. It is super easy to learn for all age groups. Then, it is intelligent enough to keep riders’ safety. Anyway, the excellent performance indoors and outdoors makes it impeccable.

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In 2017, several new models join the Airwheel’s family and A6S electric folding wheelchair is one of them, which have attracted great attention as soon as it showed up on the market. Indeed, in the wheelchair market, there is a dire need of revolutionary products to make people, especially those who have difficulty in walking lead a more convenient life. Compact, light, colourful and comfortable, Airwheel makes the rider be the star wherever they are.

Airwheel A6S

First things come first. It is the safety and comfort matter most. A6S self-balancing wheelchair installs world known battery to ensure a safe and long journey. Besides, its strong power capacity will guarantee a content range, which comes a blessing to those who are wheelchair-bound. The LED display shows the real-time data. Combined with the App, you can enjoy a safe and care-free riding experience. Speaking of its performance, A6S Lightweight Folding Power Chair enjoys great traffic ability. The branded 14 inch wheels with special tread has excellent grip and nonslip performance allowing A6S Medical Equipment to conquer various road conditions. Equipped with dual motors that provide strong power with steady and continuous power output, A6S self-balancing electric wheelchair is capable of negotiating on slopes, sand and other road conditions.

Airwheel A6S

One of the features is the innovative sitting-posture riding mode due to the ultra-wide saddle mounted on A6S Folding Electric Wheelchair. Tiredness never shows up even if riders ride a long time. For one thing, Airwheel A6S belongs to the self-balancing vehicle, controlled by the change of gravity centre, as it adopts the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. It is ok to go forward, backward and brake. If turning directions, the handlebar works. Just slightly push it left or right. Two control modes bring double riding fun. Also, the handlebar can be changed in to right or left position according to your own riding habits.

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Airwheel A6S Ability Medical is to break the stereotype. It not only allows the disabled to enjoy the advanced tech, but also lets the public have another choice.

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